Summer is the season of outdoor Shakespeare, when amateur dramatic groups across the country perform the Bard in local parks and gardens. Last night I had the opportunity to see the Holt Dramatic Society perform Measure for Measure in the courtyard of the Glove Factory Studios, a beautiful venue in the heart of the village of Holt. This is the view I had during a walk about the grounds during the interval -- it's certainly far nicer than the usual theatre lobby or bar! The choice of Measure for Measure was an interesting one for a local group. It is considered one of Shakespeare's "problem plays" because of the abrupt shifts in tone, from dark drama to comedic word play (even Shakespeare wasn't above making a bum joke!), yet it is also a work that seems specifically written for the #MeToo era. The cast must be applauded for their handling of this difficult material, wringing laughs from centuries old jokes while also underscoring that abusers and their victims have been locked in a battle for belief for centuries. This was brought home with a line from the corrupt Angelo, played with perfection by Marc Bessant: "As for you, Say what you can, my false o'erweighs your true." For a modern audience, the play cannot be neatly pigeonholed into comedy or tragedy, but is something rather different: complicated, thought provoking, and worth seeing if you have the opportunity.

2018.7.16 RTHK 香港電台 《U秀幫》 . 娘家近來對我很好,讓我有機會喺唔同節目暢談成長歷程,最新一次來到普通話台(但我唔係講普通話喎),回帶到14年前到英國留學的點滴。 . 聽到23:35,回憶起我要離開,兩老去機場送機時,老豆忍唔住留淚嗰吓,我喺錄音室都缺堤。我確係一個外表堅強,但是非常眼淺嘅人😭😭😭 . 多謝 @calvinlaucm 邀請! . 節目重溫: . #rthk #putonghua #putonghuachannel #香港電台 #普通話台 #interview #study #uk #unitedkingdom #britain #birmingham #uob #universityofbirmingham #方健儀 #akinafong #hkig