Ignore my face and look at Mister 😍

Today (or should I say yesterday) we didn’t do anything serious with Platinium because it was very hot (25 degrees celcius wich is really hot when talking about Finland) and humid. While cyckling to the stables I decided to go for a hack in the forest, so then we did that with Platinium! We walked most of the time but when the horseflies came too close to us we trotted away from them. It didn’t really work though so I ended up taking a tree branch in my hand and swishing it around. - We had a small incident on our trip too; we saw a moose! I think it was a baby because it was quite small. We were walking down a hill to the forest. I didn’t first notice the moose, but when Platinium stopped I noticed it. I did tense up a bit too but then I calmed myself down by breathing and trying to relax mu shoulders. I didn’t collect the reins because Platinium had probably bolted off if I had done that. So there we stood a couple of minutes just looking at the forest where the moose had ran. Then Platinium took a deep breath and continued walking. He stopped a couple of times before entering the forest but when we came to the forest he became normal and relaxed. (At this point I was super super proud of him!) - We walked trough the forest along a small trail and jumped over a small ditch to the track that goes around the stables. Kind of convinient and fun that you can walk trough a forest to the stables, it is a good way to calm down for example after a gallop hack! Then we just walked trough the water ditch a couple of times. It didn’t have that much water in it because it has been quite dry lately(hopefully it will rain soon), but Platinium could still splash a little there. - From the ditch we walked trough a smaller forest to the stables where I got off Platinium and took care of him. We had a pretty nice hack although there were a million bugs 😄🏇🏻 - - - Ps. I do not need any comments or dms about the hackamore, please! I literally used my reins very little on this hack and it is there just so I have good breaks if Platinium were to bolt and was running under a car or something like that. 🙂

Ah I love horses!!!