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It’s a stormy Saturday in Oslo as the city runs about doing weekend shopping. After a quick jaunt to a local store, we passed by the Torshov bull in his usual aggressive stance. The name Torshov comes from Tors Haug (Thor’s Hill). This was a place where rituals connected with the god Thor were carried out.


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#AndNew————✮ ┊♛┊Target(s) ; N/A ┊♛┊Part 1/2 The date was August Seventeenth, 2018. Most people would say it was the biggest event in Warrior’s history. There was a total of thirteen championships that had new champion(s). The show was full of many surprises, like Mark Haskins not showing up, AJ winning despite Toni’s foot being on the bottom rope, a draw in the ECW Women’s championship match,and most memorable, Bayley’s iconic return to win the Atlas Championship in place of Bianca Belair. There were also two big surprises at the end, Joe Hendry winning the World Championship, and Matt Sydal winning the vacant Warriors Championship. After the match Matt would be walking backstage thanking everyone who congratulated him. He would disappear for a minute after being found sitting down on a crate with his dick out after getting head from Jacob, the owner. Matt Sydal would dash into the owner’s office at the sight of a camera. Thirty minutes later after several loud noises were heard Matt Sydal came out in a black suit with the Warriors Championship over his shoulder looking exhausted. Warriors broadcast colleague Renee Young would be there waiting and ask “Matt, first I would like to congratulate you on winning the Warriors Championship tonight. But I can tell you’re still tired from your match, let the universe know what’s going through your head right now.” Matt was breathing heavily with a confused look on his face. He would smirk then begin to speak, “First off, I’m not exhausted because of the match. I have a couple bumps and bruises but those that’s from something else that happened a little while ago.” Matt would look at his title then back at Renee, “And as for winning the Warriors Championship? It’s unreal. It’s everything I’ve been striving for my entire career. The fact that I was able to clench the first opportunity I had at a main title is just insane. But that’s what I’m about, not waiting. I was focused purely on the present, I’m all about capitalizing on the opportunities I’m handed, because if I don’t, then someone else will. Plus you add the fact that I’m going against five great wrestlers, on the grandest stage of them all. [CIC]

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