Fuck All Of That Flexing I’m Really That Nigga

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Fuck All Of That Flexing I’m Really That Nigga

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1995 Air Jordan Retro II: I’ve gotten several messages from people questioning the fact that I’m referring to the AJ 2 Retros as “1995” and not “1994” retros. This is a common misconception. As seen on the size tag of one of my pairs, the first run of Air Jordan 2 Retros were manufactured in 1995, therefore, could not have released in 1994. Same with the Air Jordan 2 Lows, which were also manufactured in 1995 as seen in the second pic. The first Air Jordan 3 Retros were manufactured in March of 1994 (as seen in the third photo) and released later that year. The first Air Jordan 1 Retros were manufactured in October of 1994 (as seen in the last pic), so they may have released in late 1994 or even early 1995. Swipe left to see close up photos for each. I hope this finally clears up the common misconception that all of the first series of Air Jordan Retros released in 1994. #TheMoreYouKnow🌈🌟 #OGSupportGroup. • • #jumpman23 #nike #FutureOfFlight #306yonge #WeAreJordan