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Which do you choose? 🤔🤔🤔 By @smurray_32 ➖ As you likely already know, I am NOT an advocate of consuming liquid kcals, regardless of how “clean”, micronutrient dense etc. they are e.g. the naked juice. They are 1 of, if not the MAIN contributors to weight gain by promoting excess energy consumption with a lack of satiety (DiMeglio & Mattes 2000 Pan & ‪Hu 2011‬, Tieken 2008) & I can bet that (if you aren’t already tracking your intake) they are 1 of the reasons you struggle with your weight & that by simply eliminating all energy dense LIQUIDS from your diet by substituting them to 0kcal, versions, water or even WHOLE food, the scale would start to drop. Why? ➖ Because studies have shown that, when energy is consumed in LIQUID form, minimal/weak compensation of kcals occurs (DellaValle et al 2005) i.e. if you drank 420kcal you’d assume that your body would then “subconsciously” decrease ~420kcal from somewhere else in your diet during the day in order to compensate? Not the case & a prime example of how energy dense drinks contribute to total kcal intake in a near-additive fashion (Appelhans et al 2013) & that, if reductions in solid food intake do not fully offset the energy consumed from beverages, all energy dense drinks do is contribute to “wastefully” increasing energy consumption thus promoting weight gain. ➖ Oddly enough however, swap to 0kcal beverages & studies show that, as a result of a reduction in energy from kcal dense drinks (duh), participants lose weight (Mattes & Popkin 2009) thus making them better choices for weight management & prevention of weight gain (Dennis et al 2009, Malik et al 2013). ➖ Conclusion: DON’T drink your kcals (if trying to lose weight). If you’re going to buy a liquid smoothie, consider buying WHOLE fruit instead as it’ll lead to a reduction in kcal intake with increased satiety (Rothacker & Watemberg 2004). Also, DON’T fear diet drinks. If you can’t adhere to “dropping” liquid kcals from coke etc. then still get your fix from coke zero but with 0kcal as they’re PERFECTLY safe for human consumption once you don’t consume 50+ a day lol (Tandel 2011, Kirkland & Gatehouse 2015, Bruyère 2015).

Funny story: two weeks out from comp I had a dream that @icn_nsw had roast chicken and peanut butter for all the competitors back stage. But my coach @jessbennic gave me a donut instead, close enough 😂🤷🏽‍♀️ p.s I cried when I took a bite into this pure SEXINESS GLORYNESS of a donut.

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