Tonight I'm gonna dance like you were in this room, but I don't wanna dance if I'm not dancing with you... 3 weeks ago I got to see @taylorswift at the Reputation Stadium Tour and it was surreal to say the least. If you're wondering why it's because I didn't know I was going to the Seattle show let alone the tour. My little sister and I both won tickets and had less than a week to mentally prepare. Before that week I had spent months trying to figure out how I was gonna get tickets. I find myself in the same predicament every tour, but it somehow works itself out. The things I was willing to do for tickets (confidential & slightly illegal). Anyways dead week and finals are finally over, which means I have time to post these pics lol. Taylor's concerts have always been special for me and have in many ways become a sort of holy ground (pun intended). I remember my older sister introducing me to her music when I was 8, getting her debut album and every album that followed, going to her show for the first time, meeting her (I was a nervous reck), and finding myself still going to her concerts at 19. Her music has been a part of my life for almost 12 years now and it's crazy to see how fast time goes. Through all the turmoil and anxiety in my life, her music and presence has remained a constant. Even when I was at my lowest point in senior year, college was something I thought was out of my reach. My family convinced me to attend a school 40 minutes outside of my hometown and I really didn't believe that I could do it. I wasn't in the right head space and I had a shitty HS career. But after a few weeks living in my dorm and focusing on school, I adjusted pretty well. There was something low key comforting knowing that I lived only a few blocks away from the place where I met her. Sounds weird, but seeing the Tacoma Dome everyday from my dorm made my homesickness less suffocating. I wish I could put into words how much she means to me. It's heartwarming knowing that you can walk into a concert and forget about all of your worries for a night. I got to tear off my snake skin for night, sing, scream, and wave my arms around like a weirdo for a night. Social anxiety who?

Lua - Moon Por fim, a adorável Lua, fruto de inspiração dos amantes, (eu), ou daqueles a procura da mulher que nos ilumine o caminho, (eu). Ela fascina. Tive que usar apenas 45% de zoom da minha Canon Powershot SX500 IS para ter esse visual, a foto está ao natural, sem nenhuma edição. #luacheia #lua #astroscelestes #astronomy #moonlight #moon #fullmoon #yolo #livetotravel #lovetotravel #canon #canonphotography #canonpowershotsx500is

Planeta Vênus - Venus Planet Marte é maravilhoso visto lá do céu. Mas Vênus me fascina. A nossa Estrela D'alva e a mais brilhante do nosso céu noturno. Aqui, tive que diminuir o brilho devido os raios do sol, zoom em 100% da minha Canon Powershot SX500 IS. Notem a cor meio rosa devido os gases sulfurosos do efeito estufa que acontece por lá. #planet #venus #estreladalva #astronomy #iloveastronomy #star #yolo #livetotravel #lovetotravel #canon #ilovecanon #canonphotography #canonpowershotsx500is

Planeta Marte - Mars Planet 100% Zoom Canon PowerShot SX500 IS Esperei o momento em que o planeta estaria mais próximo da terra e tirei essa foto dele. Note o tom avermelhado da sua superfície. #marte #mars #planet #astronomy #photos #zoom #picofthenight #yolo #livetotravel #lovetotravel #canon #canonphotography #canonpowershot #canonpowershotsx500is