“The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are.” 👣 👣 It’s been 12 years. Twelve years of releasing a shutter and capturing a moment, of telling stories, and making friendships. Twelve wonderful years! But, I feel change in the air. I feel a need to push myself, to create something new. My heart is full of things to do and share and I’m ready to not stay where I am but to grow. This doesn’t mean Photography is going away at all. It just means it’s time to freshen things up. 🦋 🦋 I blogged more about this yesterday. You can read more by following the link in my profile. Also, I’d love to hear what you do to get out of stagnant seasons in your life. ... ... #meghanstewartphotography #photographer #artist #readyformore #changeisintheair #entrepeurlife #girlbossingit #growth #dontstaywhereyouare #atlantaphotographer #newnanphotographer #peachtreecityphotographer #bevulnerable #authenticwords Photo credit @samanthanoellejones

Don’t ever let fear of change keep you from the things you want is change. And you can’t hide from life, so you may as well run to it full force, with arms and eyes wide open...because when we find ourselves ready to live, we are truly blessed. #livewild #befree #whatdrivesyou #findyourself #freedom #zen #thoughts #lifeisbeautiful #openeyes #openheart #changeisintheair #embracechange #feels #nofear #lifeiswhatyoumakeit #goals #stayinspired #mountains #lifeinthenorthwest #daydreaming #change #wa #hohrainforest #hiking #trailthoughts #beyourjoy #magical #washingtonstate #timelapse #timeisanillusion

What are Cannabis Topicals? Glad you asked! ✨ . . Canazen topicals are cannabis-infused lotions, balms, and oils that are absorbed through the skin for localized relief of pain, soreness, and inflammation. Because they’re non-intoxicating, topicals are often chosen by patients who want the therapeutic benefits of marijuana without the cerebral euphoria associated with other delivery methods. @theresurgent @marcobusto . . DM for inquiries or orders🌿 . . . . . . . .

Summertime time to think... #changeisintheair #changeisinyourhands

As the morning air takes on a touch of chill, deep reds begin to show in the plants that cover the iron weed filled hills, all signaling the change of season that is coming... I feel the push and pull of sadness that summer is slowly winding down, leading into a season that slows in nature, but speeds up mightily in the day-to-day life of our family. Connecting to the rhythms of my natural environment helps create space to breathe and be more grounded in our family and community flow, providing balance and replenishment of that vital energy.

~ B A T H E M E ~ I try to steer clear of sharing quotes on Insta, because it seems to be a main ingredient in every Insta Yogis starter kit, which makes me roll my third eye. Also, if it was up to bendy 24 year olds Beyoncé & Beiber would be two of the most enlightened sentient beings of our time. But, I digress. New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings - Lao Tzu (If it was you Beiber, my apologies) This is so on the money for me, of late. Not the earth shattering, shake you to your core changes, but, subtle shifts like a spring clean sweep of energy and heart. Some residual sadness framed within sighs of relief, loose ends & loose heart strings finally accounted for. Embracing the light, fresh & new, sweet songs of Spring finally being felt. Seeing the light that for so long I was feverishly calling in and craving, streaming through the trees. Bathe me x I love the way you captured me @andres.ripamonti X . .

I’m sad announce that my little room of relaxation at Sacred Earth Sanctuary is no longer due to a sudden change of real estate circumstances. 😔 But never fear my dearest customers! It is still pretty much “business as usual” for me. I will be offering a myriad of treatments as mobile services in the comfort of your own home, or my full suite of treatments from my home salon in Pinjarra if you want to escape your busy, daily environment of home for some much deserved R&R. ✨🤲🏻 Gorgeous home made rubs and scrubs from The Essential Essence are still for sale, along with Doterra oils and beautiful lava diffuser jewellery 💕 And stay tuned for more exciting developments coming up soon... such as pamper parties, wellness retreats and self care nights! 🙌 #elissaanne #changeisintheair #shutdownshowdown #embracethechange #mandurahmassage #massagemandurah #relaxation #mobilemassage #massagetherapist #mobilemassagetherapist #booknow #doterra #lava #selfcare #selflove #treatyourselfwell

With the start of the school year, and all the new beginnings, don't you feel even MORE ready to make a change for yourself? What change are YOU looking for? Are you fantasizing about a move? Thinking about a job change? Are you thinking you're ready to make your health a priority? Let me know what big change you're seeking in the comments. 👇👇👇 I really want to know. (And if your answer is GETTING HEALTHY, I have exciting news . . . I'm starting an online course this month to teach you everything I've learned through the years about helping you take charge of your health once and for all. Drop an emoji and I'll get you the link to sign up 😉)

We all fall sometimes… do it in style. #fallingwithstyle

It was not the trail we intended to follow, but it led us to a promise of adventure. #willamettevalley #theunknown #changeisintheair

Whiskey and Penguin want to thank everyone who donated over the weekend and this morning, it blew me away! Thank you 💞. Felines Under Rescue has helped with every spay, neuter and rescue I've found over this past year, this is the only time they couldn't help but the amazing people on Instagram who share our compassion and drive to save more, reach further and touch more lives, you, you have come through when FUR needed you and when my babies needed you. The remaining amount will be there just incase my babies need more meds or if anything else comes up. You've made that possible. FUR is over $1000 in debt to spays and neuters and medicine, that is why I can't get anymore cats fixed until that's paid off. If you appreciate what FUR has done in getting dozens of cats spayed and neutered every few months, please donate to the link in my bio, they deserve every penny. I will be (hopefully) opening my own bank account and paypal very soon so I can continue doing TNR and actually see the donations that are sent. I should've done this months ago but I want things to be different now, I want to be a little more in control and not take up all of FUR's money all the time when they have so many more cats to help. #tnr #pleasedonate #changeisintheair


#eldíainternacionaldelajuventud tiene como objetivo llamar la atención sobre el conjunto de problemáticas culturales que rodean a los jóvenes. ¡Por eso en FCC los jóvenes expresan el futuro que quieren tener! #changeisintheair #FCCHaciendoHistoria #fccpty #golporpanamá #lamarearoja