It’s a huge contrast compared to the last weeks, to spend time in Brisbane. After a souvenir shopping hunt, I did a city tour with a city cat (ferry). Spent chilled time on a boat and took a ride in the sun 😎 #escapeworktofindmyself #campervantravel #brisbane #citycat

City Cat rollin’ on the river #ThankYouSkipper #CityCat #Brisbane

Well guys the weekend is a wrap..... bring on Monday. Or you can hide in bed either way. #levon #crazycatlady #rva

Too lazy to even move... but we see that bird! 😼😼

I saw night view of Brisbane by cruise ship🌉🌃🛥 If you come to Brisbane you should see this awesome view!!! . . #citycat #brisbane #ブリスベン川

Day 5 of Brisbane.... a city day. we went out on the train into the city. As it was Sunday there was markets happening. A suitcase sale, with lots of people selling there old items, like a car boot but with a blanket on the floor. Some old some handmade items, I didnt see anything i fancied but it was a nice stroll around in the city. Getting used to the juxtapostion of old and new buildings, skyscrapers and monuments. We caught the free city hopper, to catch another boat (a citycat) along the river. It was about an hours long journey to get to Northshore of Brisbane. We came to our stop, Northshore Hamilton, a short walk from the terminal and we reached out destination. Eatstreet market, over 70 containers put together to make an around the world street food market. It was only $3 to get in, we sat with our delicious foods, I had French raclette, a mixture of bacon, potatoes and salad with French cheese poured over and a secret recipe sour cream. The vendor was called L'apero street food. Whilst we sat to enjoy our food and our Newstead pale ale, from the John Oxley Bar, to entertain us was a live band, a tap dancing show - those tap guys, they were hilarious and one of them looked like Nicolas cage 🤣 we were pleasantly surprised by their entertainment, they had the crowd laughing and taking videos of their dancing. After them another band, they have entertainment here Every weekend of the year Fri and Sat 4pm to 10pm Sunday 12 noon to 8pm it would be a great place to go on a sunny afternoon with a few mates if you had nothing else to do, have a few beers, eat some great food, listen to some love music.... perfect! We decided to catch an Uber back to the city and go on the City's Big wheel to see the city at night. It was pretty cool seeing all the bridge lit up with changing colours. and the old building casino lit up. We also went back down to the BRISBANE sign as it was clear of other people to take a good photo whilst it was all lit up also. I had a really cool time in a really cool city. #brisbane #australia #holiday #city #eatstreet #northshore #bigwheel #casino #newstead #citywalk #buildings #syscrapers #citycat #boat #river #adventure

Unusual at this time of day and in this heat, but April's enjoying chillin outside on the patio.

FELIX. What we know so far; she was actually a he. He goes from playing to sleeping in less than 3.2 seconds. His favorite toy is a pickle. He wants to eat my cactus. And he perfectly matches our blanket. Welcome home, little guy🌵 . . #vsco #vscocam #nap #lazysunday #kitten #citycat #newhome #felix #gray #russianblue #stray #pickle #catnip

Poking around out back. Mieke wasn’t very happy when she found out she had to stay on this side of the fence 😿 #firstkittywalk #catsonleashes #citycat

Stare off... until a bug flies by and it’s go time! 👀👀