F O C U S = Follow One Course Until Successful! How focused are you in life? Do you start one thing and drop it before finishing and to something new? Do you suffer from ‘shiny object syndrome’? Results come from having focus! I encourage you to be clear on what you want to achieve in every area of life and once you know what outcome you want, stay focused. Energy flows where attention goes!

↪ H A P P Y 🌻 S U N D A Y 😀

2️⃣ WEEKS!!! JUST 👏🏾 2️⃣ 👏🏾 WEEKS! 👏🏾 The results she has had so far are phenomenal and I am so proud of this mother for being able to share with us her results. I know it wasn’t easy, hell, I don’t have the courage yet to show mine, but SHE did it and it’s awesome! Check out what she had to say ⤵️ “Let’s talk for a minute - no my post-partum body isn’t perfect. No I’m not stick thin like I was. But after only 2 weeks of using of Forty Cure Cream this is how much my stretch marks and redness went down. I still have a long ways to go before I won’t put on a sweatshirt to leave the house - or only wear high waisted swim suit bottoms. But this product gave me more confidence than I had before I used it. And I know there’s probably other moms in my boat so that is why I’m sharing these pictures. This is not a hoax - it is not a scam. It is me. A mom of a 3 month old that was looking for ANYTHING to make me feel more comfortable in my new skin. And I’m doing just that.” 💕 #condifence #stretchmarks #skin #skincare #twoweeks #fortycurecreme #40cc #secrets #postpartumbody #baby #loveit #results #real #confessionsofamom #mombod #mom #mommingainteasy #momsohard #goals

What language do you use? Do you often hear yourself saying or thinking “I can’t do it”? If so, change it to “I can’t do it YET” This is critical for our outlook on things and our success. This is something I like to teach my girls as it’s the fundamentals of creating a growth mindset! Try it out, you’ll be amazed how adding YET can make ALL the difference!

😑😢😭😭😭😭😭 #fbf As I viewed some archived photos I began to get emotional realising you will be 10 next year. Excited for your growth and being able to be one of your lifes teachers. I have the best job. God knows exactly what vessels to give the right seed to be nurtured. Ladybug mommies knows how amazing you are! Being your mom is the greatest gift! To be able to embody a seed, grow it for months, birth it, and raise it! Being a single mom is not easy, however, you made and make the best of all the toughest parts. Raising you is one if my greatest joys me and you against the world. Im going to lift you up forever. #proudmom 😊 #goodmorning As you can tell daughter like mother she likes being behind a camera too 😏 #condifence all through her DNA!

H.E.R. 86 | As a confident, expressive individual, the glittering lights of the urban landscape symbolise your freedom and independence. #her #condifence #sophisticatedsimplicity #eaudeparfum #eaudecologne #nicheperfumes #nichefragrance #nicefragrance #freedom

The face was not ready for the camera today lol 😝 but omg everyday I work on myself and no matter how small the progress is I know I’ll reach my goals 💪🏼🌱 . . . #herbalife #24lbsdown #fueledbyherbalife #healthy #progress #happy #condifence #breakfast #herbashake #orangecream #selfie #goodmorning #weightlossjourney

Defence Lab Shropshire will be at Pride hill shopping centre demonstrating from 11:00-15:00🥊 on 21st July (Saturday) Come along and have a chat with Instructors Promo special offer available 🥊🥋 #mma #motivation #martialarts #motivational #fun #fitness #fitnessforkids #strong #selfdefense #shrewsbury #telford #condifence #discipline

Have you ever heard someone say “everyone has a book in them”? Well, I did for the first time in Sept 2017! At that point I thought... “nah... I’ve never had the great desire to be an author, so that statement doesn’t apply to me”. Famous last words 🙄! As you all know, I like to raise my standards and do things that take me out of my comfort zone so low and behold I thought “why not?”. Right there and then I was offered the opportunity to join 9 other amazing authors to be part of a best selling ‘Elevate’ book series which has already published ‘Elevate your Success’, ‘Elevate your Health’ and ‘Elevate your Life’. I’m delighted to share I’m the second author featured in ‘Elevate your Mindset’, a book published by @fionajonesauthor from @authorexpress1 and foreworded by Dr. John Demartini from movie ‘The Secret’. Unfortunately I can’t share the cover yet but I was soooo excited to receive a copy and notice I’m straight after the awesome @authenticben 😲 founder (with @cham_tang ) of @authenticeducation and greatest teacher, coach & mentor! Needless to say I’m stoked and can’t wait for the official launch in a few months!! If you want to be one of the first to secure a copy of the book before it even comes out, write in the comments below ‘ME’ 🙋‍♀️ or send me a PM. Elevate YOUR Mindset by learning different ways to master it yourself through the authors’ stories and great insights that you can apply straight away. . . . . . . . . #harnessingyourhappiness #goals #results #success #achieve #happiness #happyhabits #happy #coach #positive #positivevibes #trusttheprocess #bebrave #relationship #mindset #healthyhabits #learn #develop #personalgrowth #outofyourcomfortzone #believeinyourself #condifence #selfworth #emotionalfitness #girlboss #getinspired #love #wellness #bosslady