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Feeling Musical 👍

It’s Christmas / Hanukkah in June! FedEx just delivered a package from my Uncle Ray that contained a rare heirloom that has been in my family for over 💯 years. I’m so humbled to receive this unique and #antique #omegawatch that belonged to my Grandfather “Big Boy” who was legendary Black Cowboy / Sharecropper / Moonshiner known for his pistol packing, hair trigger temper, booming laugh, Master Card skills and gambling ways. Born in 1905 just 40 years after the end of Slavery. “Big Boy” flourished in the turbulent early 1900’s as a child who quickly grew into a man standing 6 feet 5 inches tall marrying my Grandmother at age 16 and sired 13 children with her in their union. My father was his first born son. Big Boy was described to me as a “Pure Hustler” who put his family first above all even GOD. Often saying: “I’m done praying to the sonofabitch! Black people catch pure hell down here and all I’ve gotten is sore knees asking HIM to do something.” He went on to be renowned all over the state of Texas for his smooth Corn liquor and his masterful Poker playing hand. In living that lifestyle he was able to send 7 of his children to College and Homestead over 1000 Acres of Ranch land in Texas (unheard of for a Black man of that era) which is still in my family’s hands to this day. I’m so proud to be entrusted with this legacy family artifact that has been passed down from Big Boy to my Father to my Uncle Ray (per my Daddy’s last wishes) and now to me. Upon learning of my Grandfathers rough and tumble life and his demise being shot in the back by a White man who owed him money over a gambling debt. I had these #cowboyboots commissioned by #billymartins #westernwear in my Grand Daddy Big Boy’s honor and I sport these #hornbackalligator #boots #stylingandprofiling with pride and vigor and will continue to do the same now with His #pokerwatch now being entrusted to me and my #collector #curator stewardship. HAPPY FATHERS DAY TO THESE GREAT MEN FROM MY FAMILY! #fathersdaytribute #familytribute #coolwatch #coolwatches #coolboots