good night nurse i love rivers so much!!!!!!!!!!!

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It’s so sunny ☀️ in Sunnyvale that rare cloud cover means rare chance for photos. For those of us with black hair you know how your hair gets super hot under the sun? This summer I learned that bleached hair doesn’t get hot so only half my head is burning. 😂 More hats for me! Thanks @jnagano for the photo! #bayarea #summerevening #momentsofmine #createdtocreate #createinspirepositivity #createexplore #womenintech #techlife #thehappynow #fromwhereistand #nothingisordinary #posttheordinary #acolorstory

Chaos is beautiful. -idk who this quote really belongs to, but I’m sure it’s been said and felt a time or two 😉

This much I’ve learned. Please don’t lose your desire for seeing it all in a your own special way and the wonder of it all. Take the photo. Soak in the moment. Cook the meal. Invest in the conversation. Dream a dream and immerse yourself into the depths of it. This is life, this is learning, this is knowing. Maybe these ripples of water had only a special meaning to this moment, but yesterday I felt alive and it’s worth recognizing. It feels revolutionary. I was stuck in a rainstorm and felt inspired somehow. Where is that dream in you? I believe that you can dig it back up, and plant something you’ve never imagined. Don’t limit yourself. Don’t compare yourself. Don’t think that you can only fit in one box, you can be endless things and meanings and more than you’d ever thought. It’s all worthwhile. And you’ll never be alone in this journey

If you’re like a lot of people, you may find yourself stressed or filled with anxiety on Sundays. I remember when I was teaching, and those feelings would start on Saturday afternoon. I would work over the weekends, and feel even more tired on Monday than I did on Friday. . Honestly, sometimes life is just exhausting. But even during tiring times, don’t think that God has forgotten you. He already has a plan, and He already has it handled. . God says in His Word that He will refresh the weary and satisfy the faint. . Know that you can count on God to take care of you whether it’s Sunday night, Monday morning, or Hump Day afternoon. . Rest, whether it be physical, emotional, or spiritual, is available to you. You have not because you ask not. #OurWordsHavePower

Im getting ready for sidewalk sale at the shop I work in... these are a few journals/notebooks I made awhile ago. I pulled them out and messed around with them and tried to “fix” them... I got kinda carried away!😳 the more I look at them... I feel like I should start over!😫 Ugh! Are they awful!!?? Help! • • • #gotobed #stopaddingmorepaint #createdtocreate #journals #biblejournalingcommunity #toolatetomakegoodchoices #gaahhhhh 🙃😝🤪😳😫

I've been feeling pretty miserable and sorry for myself. My thought patterns spiralling and dragging me down to deep dark places. I got a reminder on my phone that my period is due. What?! I haven't had this dark horrible PMS in many months, why have I gone back to feeling this way? Cos I haven't unpacked my Clary Calm from my oils travel case, it's been sitting in there since we got back from Melbourne 2 weeks ago. I haven't been applying Clary Calm each day and it has definitely shown in my mood. So I've rolled some on and taken myself off to bed for a nana nap, hopefully I'll wake up feeling more myself. And my bottle of Clary Calm is going back in my bathroom where I will roll it across my abdomen each day, cos my oils won't help me when they are sitting in the box! Could you do with some Clary Calm in your life? Want to shop online in your pj's? Click the shop link in my bio or send me a message to get access to wholesale prices and member only special offers. #pmsproblems #doterraessentialoils #mentalhealthawareness

The start of a new week and a new mood board to test some ideas. Neutral tones with a touch of metallics always look so stylish.

We meditate on your unfailing love Psalm 48:9b #Godislove #thinkonthesethings

Model: Chloë Grace Moretz ✌️😉 HD Link:

Really digging these colors together

Hello World 🌎 👋🏼, I have been hiatus for a minute now. What have I been doing?🕵🏻‍♀️ Well, you see I have been savoring every ounce of love this little guy has got to give. 😍 As well as changing hundreds of dirty diapers 😅. So folks, I proudly present to you Reggie IV (daddy is Reggie III). Other than spending time with my little guy, I have been working on weddings, engagement sessions, among other things. This little guy has given my work a new meaning, I am challenging myself in new ways! Okay, yall that is the update. Back to editing I go. 💃🏻❤️ #ANewFoundLove