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Take you down another level, get you dancing with the devil

#Portobelo tiene cientos de historias interesantes.👀 . Esta vez @jurbina26 conversó con la señora Elsa, famosa por sus melcochas de caña de azúcar y limón y también por las anécdotas sobre su amigo, el cantante Ismael Rivera, quien se hospedó en su casa durante mucho tiempo. . #ConocePanamá 🇵🇦 . . . #Llégate #Travel #Viajes #Panamá #IgersPanama #AmoViajar #CreateExplore #pty #Adventure #Aventura #Fun #Trip #Viaje #Tv

🗡•When they tell me I need to get serious about tackling life's problems.•😅 _ Drastically evolving myself always came "easy" to me because I saw it as a creative endeavor, an exciting experiment, an interesting and exciting thing to do. _ I believed it was supposed to happen. I believed that I was not supposed to keep experiencing myself in new ways. _ Whenever I tried to buckle down and get too serious or overly precious about it and turn it into a homework of sorts, it didn't work very well. _ Take it seriously, but don't forget to be a creative badass about it. The more you loosen up and be open to change, the more fun it will be. 🤗🤘🏼🦈 . . . . . . . . . . #whysoserious # #doitdifferent

I got one night for you baby.

// Growth | Main Account: | \\ This week I finished my first semester of uni (yay), officially on holidays for a month. I'm also officially a photographer for Deliveroo (which is an Uber Eats Competitor), starting Monday I have 2-3 food shoots. I think I mentioned this previously but I've been reading alot, mostly self development articles, I think they're really vital to my growth and defining who I want to be as a human. Another thing Ive learnt, it's really important to write things down, weather that be notes from what you've read or personal notes on your day. Just take a minute and reflect each day. If you have any other tips of your personal road to self development send me a message, I'm always keen to hear. Business wise I launched the store on my website, I'm in the process of getting ready to launch the monthly newsletter as well. 25% off all items this weekend. Also, I found this piano with one of my best friends a couple weeks ago in Dickson. How cool is it!!