🇺🇸👇🏼 🍃Jugo prensado en frio / juguera centrifuga El jugo prensado en frío protege y conserva los nutrientes de las frutas y verduras. Ya que el exprimir de prensado en frío presiona el producto para extraer el jugo, no hay calor involucrado ni cuchillos ... Obtienes el 100% de las vitaminas, minerales, enzimas y nutrientes cuando toma jugo prensados.  Los extractores de jugo centrífuga Es la más común para hacer jugos. Utilizan una cuchilla de metal de giro rápido que gira contra un filtro de malla, separando el jugo de la fibra a través de la fuerza centrífuga. El jugo y la pulpa se separan en diferentes contenedores. El problema con los exprimidores centrífugos es que la cuchilla de metal de giro rápido genera calor, lo que destruye algunas de las enzimas de las frutas y verduras que está extrayendo. El calor también oxida esos nutrientes, produciendo menos jugo nutritivo que un exprimidor de prensa en frío. : : 🇺🇸Cold pressed juice v/s centrifugal  Cold pressed juice protects and preserves the nutrients of fruits and vegetables. Pressing of cold pressing presses the product to extract the juice, there is no heat involved or knives ... You get 100% of the vitamins, minerals, enzymes and nutrients. Centrifugal juice extractors It is the most common to make juices. They use a fast-spinning metal blade that rotates against a mesh filter, separating the juice from the fiber through centrifugal force. The juice and pulp are separated in different containers. The problem with centrifugal juicers is that the fast-spinning metal blade generates heat, which destroys some of the enzymes in the fruits and vegetables you are extracting. The heat also oxidizes those nutrients, producing less nutritious juice than a cold press or masticating juicer.

I love simple healthy everything, so I was excited to put together this mix for breakfast this morning. Chopped apple, a big scoop of almond butter, hemp seeds, and flax seeds all mixed 😍. I found this recipe on @youtube from @alexcongelliere , and I am grateful. She also used maple syrup and yogurt, which I am sure is delicious too. With Fall Upon us (in the Stores especially 😂) this mix satisfies my Carmel apple cravings... hooray!

👁Supérate. La alimentación consciente y sana es un camino espiritual. Es dejar aquellas cosas que no nos aportan para dar paso a aquello que sí. Es dejar de enfocarse en todo lo que dejaremos de comer o hacer, es enfocarse en todo lo que ganaremos con los cambios. : : 👁Improve yourself. Conscious and healthy eating is a spiritual path. is leaving behind those things that do not serve us giving space to those thing that help us to develop grow and thrive. means to stop focusing on everything we will stop doing, and to focus on everything that we will gain from the changes.

#transformationtuesday Check the amazing results this inspiring woman got with our #8weekshred Our lifestyle program was created to bring a healthy food culture into our homes. The recipes are based on #wholefoods and are #deprivationfree #messagemefordetails #resultsspeak #amazingresults #transformationchallenge #testimonialtuesday

Join us for our first farmers market field trip !! We will be at the Slow Food approved Garfield Park market this Saturday between 9-12:30. This is a great way to meet your local chemical free farmers and teach your kids where there food comes from. #supportlocal #agegracefully #createhealth

Introducing our #hisandhers fitness journals! One for me, and one for my awesome hubby @mycoachdave ! Filled with blank pages but chock full of #potential ! I’m pretty jazzed about our decision to #kickitupanotch as we continue on our #healthjourney , we’ve both committed to ourselves and each other that we’re going to continue living our #healthyhabits and continue to passionately and #wholeheartedly assist #others to do the same. #timeistooshort and #lifeistooprecious to waste on mediocrity. To think it all started with one uncertain and tentative step of saying YES to the program and process we now coach. I’m so #grateful we found a solution, a way to finally (and I do mean finally) learn how to #createhealth in our lives. #noturningback #noregrets #lost100lbs #healthymind #healthybody #nevergiveup #healthcoach #optaviacoach #optavia #entrepreneur #1099 #freedom #nocubicle

Los ayunos de jugos, son una poderosa herramienta para ayudar al cuerpo a crear salud. Para cualquier persona que tenga dolor, físico o emocional. Para cualquier persona que tenga inflamación. y quiera alcalinizar su cuerpo. Receta 700 ml 500 grs zanahoria 500 grs manzanas 2 limones 1 trozo de gengibre : : 🇺🇸 Juice fasts are a powerful tool to help the body create health. For anyone who has pain, physical or emotional. For anyone who has inflammation. and for anyone that want to alkalize the body. Recipe 700 ml 500 grs carrot 500grs apple 2 lemons 1 ginger #juice #juicing #rest #detox

With my total daily energy expenditure around 2600 calories, wanting to end the day w/ a salad is cool, but only when it’s large enough to feed a family of 4.. • • Tip: save heavy carbohydrate meals for right after workouts to help with healing and replenishment. In the evening stick with low carb meals to keep body from storing excess blood glucose as body fat overnight. • • (IE- potatoes/rice/grains/legumes after workout. Veggies and protein for dinner before bed.) • • We can stay lean with work in the kitchen!! • Total daily energy expenditure=total number of calories one burns everyday just being alive. • • • • #veganathlete #personaltrainer #keithhinesfitness #nutrition #health #healthyfood #lowglycemicindex #burnfat #staylean #staystrong #bigmeal #bigperson #createhealth #createhealthyhabits

It's the last month of winter here is Oz and we are very excited for the warmer months just around the corner. We spent the day out on a boat yesterday and we were reminded as to why we love the ocean and sunshine so much. It does wonders for the mind and the appetite. 😋

🍃CALMANDO LA INFLAMACIÓN El jugo de apio está lleno de poderosas propiedades antiinflamatorias. Esto significa que es muy beneficioso para las personas que padecen enfermedades crónicas y misteriosas, incluidas las condiciones denominadas "autoinmunes". 🍃JUGO DE APIO PARA EL CUERPO Y LAS EMOCIONES Tendemos a guardar el miedo en nuestro intestino. El nerviosismo causa esas sensaciones que conocemos como barriguitas o mariposas en el estómago, y la ansiedad puede llegar a lo profundo del sistema nervioso, haciendo que nos nublemos. Al restaurar todo el sistema digestivo, el jugo de apio también tranquiliza nuestras mentes y nuestros corazones. Úselo para sus efectos calmantes cuando se siente asustado, ansioso, inquieto, nervioso, amenazado, inseguro, estresado o a la defensiva. Podría seguir y seguir sobre los beneficios del jugo de apio para todo tipo de enfermedades mentales, físicas, espirituales y emocionales. El jugo de apio es alcalinizante, rico en enzimas, mejora de electrolitos, reparador de hígado, equilibrador de azúcar en sangre, antiséptico y más. El jugo de apio es mejor tomarlo solo. en ayunas y a diario. basta 16 oz o 500 ml Esta receta hace 700 ml y le puse limon. aunque se que es mejor solo yo lo prefiero asi. informacion gracias a @medicalmedium Receta 800 gramos de apio 1 limon 1/2 🇺🇸👇🏼comments

I am so glad I can make my own laundry detergent, dishwasher tabs & soaps!! A few more items I don’t have to add to my shopping cart at the store! When you make your own products you can control what you are using in your environment also on your body! * * * * * * * #chemicalfreeliving #naturalhealth #soaps #laundrydetergent #sharedoterra #educateothers #lovemytribe #lovemyjob #sundays #funtimeswithfriends #hippylifestyle #createhealth #homemade #howellessentials

Friday! Celebrating the nicer weather, the beautiful morning light, and the biggest carrots I’ve ever grown. Look at these beauties! 🥕😍 - Talking to some friends about spin class and exercise, learned that there’s a bit of fear thinking that some exercises are too hard. Oh no! Exercise should be enjoyable - an enjoyable challenge. Whatever class or exercise you decide to do, always adjust to your body and needs. This is not the olympics or a competition. This is all about staying healthy and a great way to support each other. 🌟 - Happy Friday and weekend! 🌞 • • • #active #body #spin #motivation #movement #nature #earth #healthcoach #personaltrainer #nutrition #nourishment #growsomethinggreen #urbangarden #rooftopgarden #huertourbano #nyc #healthandfood #healthylifestyle #community #createhealth #createbeauty

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to present at the Melbourne Ageing Research Collaberative about some of my research. My talk was on the need to embrace complexity in geriatric medicine. We talk a lot about preventing conditions like dementia, diabetes and frailty, but maybe instead we need to start talking about creating health. Prevention requires us to make decisions based on our hypothetical future selves, denying ourselves now for a future payoff, which is a hard bargain to keep. By reframing this to creating health now, this can highlight the immediate benefits from exercise, nutrition, social connection and finding purpose. Luckily these things that make us feel better today, are also associated with longevity, so it is possible to increase the chances of living a longer life by creating wellbeing now. #findyourvitality #createhealth #research #evidence #doctor

It's hard to say what my #favorite part of Celeste's #story is. 🤔🤔🤔🤔 From finally finding a system that experiencing that fantastic "side effect" of less #jointpain (I personally know ALL about that knee pain) helping her family #createhealth in their own lives! But I think the part I love most is that smile peeking out from behind her phone!!! Get it, girl! So #proud of you!! Here's Celeste in her own words: "I have lost 42 lbs so far on this amazing program! I tried workouts, meal planning and everything else out there and never lost the weight. In fact I gained weight! Since starting this program I have learned how to be a healthier me by using the Habits of Health system! I have more energy and less joint pain, and I am now helping my family get healthy, which has been a dream of mine for years!" #healthcoach #weightloss #weightlossjourney #healthjourney #beforeandafter #motivation #inspiration #fitfam #throwbackthursday #thankfulthursday #laurieismyhealthcoach