🌸rt mesin bebola padu🌸 Lebar 0.1cm Bebola boleh gerak² #all gold 2.72g 17.4cm 2.77g 17.4cm 2.79g 17.5cm 2.78g 17.5cm 2.73g 17.7cm #crome 2.71g 17cm 2.76g 17cm 2.74g 17.2cm 2.71g 17.2cm 2.79g 17.2cm 2.78g 17.5cm

👆👆rt mesin bebola padu Lebar 0.1cm Bebola boleh gerak² #all gold 2.72g 17.4cm 2.78g 17.5cm 2.73g 17.7cm #crome 2.71g 17cm 2.76g 17cm 2.74g 17.2cm 2.71g 17.2cm 2.79g 17.2cm 2.78g 17.5cm 179g

First attempt of full gel manicure. Though not the best in the market but I'm quite satisfied with my first try. Hope to shorten my time and brush up on my application next time round. Thanks to my lovely sister who stayed up late with me. 😂 @misskeslyn . #byfelcia #byfelciaprettynails #felciaprettynails #gelmanicure #nailart #NailsMakeUs #ariel #disney #princess #flounderfhefish #crome #1stattempt

Something my friend, @joe2cents back home in Chicago shared with me, is how he turns his work upside down if he cant get certain things right... and he’s on point. Anytime I can’t achieve a certain angle or if I’m just not seeing what’s wrong, I flip my art upside-down.🙃 - Works. Every. Time. - I had to fix a lot and fml I’ll be working late tonight 😅👍 but i’d rather it look like her son than someone else’s! 😳😁👀🎉 - A few years ago I was creating a portrait for a lady of her mom, and I had to contact her to tell her I was starting over because, well - the lady appeared to be Japanese...and well, the lady I was creating a portrait of had mostly German descent 😂😂 so I have this random Japanese lady portrait if anyone wants it! 🤪🤟 #truestory - She thought it was pretty funny and to this day I wonder if it’s because I love Japanese art? It seems to reveal itself in a lot of my work and I’ve never tried to make my work that, it just...happened? I began calling my work “Japanesque” back in 2013 when I realized my work had begun to exhibit some characteristics seen in that style... who knows! I just go with the flow of whatever my hand puts on the surface 👀😅👍🎉 - Anywhoooo anyone else do this magic trick of flippin it when they have creative blinders on ? - Annnnd back to my cave ! 😘 💚 #CROME

Feliz com o resultado da NEON PARTY da Thaisinha #10 Ousamos no mix do neon com o crome as duas cores tendência nas baladinhas e ficou lindooo💙 Projeto e decoração @dudabaluzafestas Camila você é outra pessoa que tem um feeling de captar o que penso, obrigada pela sua dedicação com sua @artimpressao @cerimonialjoaoemaria no comando dessa mega festa para que tudo saísse perfeito, assistência total e tranquilidade resume! Thyane, vc é 1000 obrigada! E aos meus parceiros todo o meu carinho e respeito! Bolo @cacau2you Doces @flordelis_ruthfarias Mimos @ascendenciagrafica Arte com balões @artebolabaloes Frutinhas @gostofinnobrigaderia Balas @loly_balas_fortaleza Algodão doce @lilyalgodaodoce Robô @robocybertron DJ @djmarcianodjow Fotos ficaram maravilhosas por @studio3fotografia Filmagem @imagem2producoes esperando o teaser que deve ficar lindo! Roupa de futebal @loliloveoficial Roupa da festa @joliejolieminicouture Personagens NEON PARTY @blitzintervencoes perfeitos! Animação @pabrincaroficial Tio Pacheco Lembranças @makeideias Gerador @nordestegersdores Buffet em casa @plusbuffet E muitos outros profissionais #neonparty #neon #baladainfantil #neonecrome #crome #neon #partyteen

Windowsill photo! Full sun! Any mistakes will be seen lolol 👀 dont zoom in 😬😅👍(lots still to tweak!) - Fixed a lot- the nose for one 🙄...sometimes I wonder wtf I’m looking at lol - Began softening some shadows, heightening the highlights, then I’ll be deepening the depths... 🤔or possibly the other way around lol... still need to tidy up the plaid too 😳😱😰🤗🎉 - 💚🤟😴 #CROME #wip #portrait #art #hashtags #art #posca #ink #fwinks #contemporaryart #contemporary #modern #fineart #commercialart #style #artdealer #artcollector #collector

At the end off da day! #crome #purple