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#myIMperfectselfie 🤳 While contemplating how to take a #givenofucks selfie, I looked up to see Todd pointing his phone at me sneaking pictures. He likes to do that. And they are almost always pics I would never share. Like this one; no make-up, not sure what I’m doing with my face, slightly sunburned, hair washed but not “done” or even not odd looking being help back by sunglasses. It’s just me, sitting waiting for food on our way home from a great family trip. But I’m beat, which happens after being around lots of people for a long time, and I’m clearly unconcerned with how I look. I think I should try being unconcerned more often. #loveyodamnself @badyogiofficial

So, I’m doing a thing. And I couldn’t be more excited. Hyper drag is where it’s at and I owe a lot of gratitude for the hosting queen @alma_bitches for always embracing me in the west end. We is gunna turnt it ooot hennnni 🖤🦇 Get batti w/ @thatsirengoddess @xyyvr Gargus promo by @taketimeoff #girlslikeus #blackgirlmagic #qpoc #vancouver #yvrlife #vancitybuzz #marianayvr #vancitystyle #lit #londoner #girlboss #indigochild #futuristic #mtf #mermaidlife #transgender #model #selflove #respect #selfmade #coconutzandbananas #visibilitymatters #intersectionality #feminism #everyBODYmatters #itgirl

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It's the beginning of the #royalascot 🏇 . A lovely time to watch one of the UK's favourite sports! 🎊 . ...And also to acknowledge the wonderful benefits of having a great diet!... . Optimal performance 👍 . . #royalascot2018 #events #summer #liveAVIDly #everyBODYmatters #horseracing #horses #jockey #celebration #bromley #AVIDclinic #westwickham #uk #london

Just a little reminder to stop letting others slow your growth or stop you from glowing ✨✨✨

Love those post workout endorphins🙌🏼 . . I never enjoy waking up at 5:00 and I may always hit snooze at least once🤦🏻‍♀️ but this post workout feeling and being ready to take on the day, always worth it!

It was following a long and emotional conversation with my sister, where my problem with self-image really came to a head. It was about 2 months before I was due to be going away with my 3 besties, and whilst talking about this with my sister, I began to get really upset. I had no idea how much I was holding in and keeping from people. I knew my low self-confidence was affecting me, but it was when my sister pointed out that I was more consumed in how I would feel and how I would look on holiday, than actually being excited for a trip of a lifetime. I was actually dreading going on holiday – which of course only increased my feelings of guilt and anxiety. I kept thinking – how will I manage to keep a smiley face or not show the horror when we look over the pictures that have just been taken, and what am I going to wear so I won’t sweat to death and avoid the dreaded chub-rub whilst also not looking like a whale of a human. You can imagen the other things I was thinking too. So I pretty much cried through the whole conversation, and my sister just said she felt I should go and speak to someone about these feelings. It was hard to hear because I knew I would have to go to the doctors, and lay my deepest worried out on the table for them to inspect. When I did go, about a week later – the lady doctor was understanding and directed me to a self-referral line. So I had to make contact with another professional and explain my predicament yet again. This time it felt harder somehow, being over the phone; telling someone how I hated my body and it was consuming my life and affecting my mood and anxiety, all because of my body - it was really hard. The lady’s voice sounded so soft and understanding through the phone line, and she tried not to be hesitant with her questioning as I sobbed quietly down the line. A few months later, I was sitting face to face with another lady, who was enquiring further into my mental health and trying to understand why I was sitting there in the state I was. That appointment was really difficult. I am not going to skim over it – it was really fucking hard. I felt pathetic, and meaningless and my anxiety was higher than eve

#myIMperfectselfie Well, I decided to join this #challenge that @badyogiofficial is doing about sharing those pics that are REALLY us, not the perfectly posed selfies that we all perfectly select to share on social media. Like this pic here. I was taking some pictures for a yoga challenge where you got to choose the pose, so I took lots of different shots. I saw this one and thought, yeah no, that’s never being shared because I have NO IDEA WHAT IS HAPPENING WITH ME STOMACH. Like, did I just eat a big meal? Have a big exhale? What? Is that REALLY my stomach? And that’s why I’m joining and sharing this pic. I don’t know what’s happening, and it really doesn’t matter. It’s my body, it’s perfectly fine, and it doesn’t need to be anything other than what it is. This is going to be a very cathartic challenge I think 🤘🏻 #nofaultshere #loveyodamnself #loveyoselfmovement

Geile Aktion! Gesehen- fotografiert- vorbildlich! Bestes Marketing! 👏🏻👍🏻👌🏻 #creditsuisse #zurichpride #welldone #everybodymatters

A little lost for words this morning, but this is just as powerful and meaningful as it was over 50 years ago..... #live #purpose #passion #everybodymatters

Spending your life trying to fit in society's box of "the way you are supposed to be" is a sure way to always lose. When you're working to be like everyone else...the best you'll ever be is a clone of everyone else. Which means you'll be the SAME as everyone else..... scary isn't it?!

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When you’re at the ocean, you must handstand. It’s basically the law 😘 #saltwatertherapy #handstandhappiness #idontmaketherulesijustfollowthem