An original Horseshoe Heart from a client's own shoe for their upcoming wedding.💕 We love that we're able to provide a personal and heartfelt twist on the tradition of the bride carrying a used shoe for luck on her wedding day.🍾🥂🎉 Swipe right to see the clients orginal shoe before it was cleaned, forged, personalised, sealed and hung from jute plait. 😎😍 It was fortunate that while the shoe was relatively small, because it was flat steel not concave, meant we were able to fit the slightly longer personalisation up the side of the heart. 💖🐴

In my quest for never-ending self-improvement, I am learning to trim Aspen myself! I’m under the guidance of Corrie Mannion of Sole Purpose Hoof Care and learning tons. 👉🏼Do you trim your own horses?