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Just a relaxing day on the beach in the fabulous Costa Rica! Please follow me: [email protected]_0001

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Cat, why is water so important? I have people ask me all the time why I harp on and on about water and it’s importance to weight loss. I tell them this. I never worried about my water intake as a health issue for a long time. I was pretty much never fully hydrated. But I wanted to lose a few lbs, the right way for once. I was working with a coach, and we took baby steps. My first step was to hit a gallon of water everyday for a week. After only 3 days, I was down 2lbs. No change in calorie intake or exercise. So what happened? When you are not fully hydrated, your body HOLDS ONTO WATER. This makes you feel bloated and can really have an impact on your weight. No, this weightloss is not fat, but you will FEEL leaner after you release the water your body has been holding onto. If you feel bloated, or your skin feels tight, you probably are retaining water. When you feel like this, drink more water! It will allow your body to release the water it is holding onto. Comment below your favorite way to get your water in!

Eat less from a box and more from the earth. 🍎 🍆 🍅 🍓 🌽 🍐

How do you dip... with 70 lbs between my legs ⚡️💪🏼 . Pretty sure training triceps is my favorite because it’s never been a weak point of mine. Literally can more than likely close grip bench the same if not more than my normal bench.. . Is that a bad thing? 🤷🏽‍♂️ . Asking for a friend 🙄

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My emotions around my student loan debt...😒😡😪🤦🏻‍♀️😳 Truth be told I use to get super stressed, overwhelmed, and at times depressed....I felt like I’d never get out from under that debt. But prayer, budgeting & growing my part-time gig as a wellness coach changed it all! Now: 🤑I get excited at every extra payment I can make to my loans 📆 I track how many years I’m taking off my debt 💰In the month of May, I got to put close to $1500 extra to student loans! 🙌 I am dreaming off a future for our family that is debt free and full of possibilities, especially with a second kiddo joining us! If you have dreams like these or others let me know! I’m taking 2 coaches this month to mentor, work side-by-side and help make their dreams a reality! #debtfree #debtfreedreams #totalmoneymakeover #studentloandebt #studentloanssuck #faithfulwoman #faithfulfamily #tithe #budget #sidegig #healthandfitness #coachlife #sahmdreams #momoffaith #answeredprayers #moneymaker #payingoffdebt #fitnesscoach #healthcoach #beachbodycoach #makeyourdreamscometrue #dreamingofthefuture

Was feeling a bit low today, so really looking forward to elevating my mood. Let’s do this! Get some good feeling hormones flowing in me!! Woohoo!! 🙌

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Feeling more exhausted than usual after day 1/80 from 80 Day Obsession, which made me feel a little guilty for not keeping up with my health goals the past couple of weeks. Graduation made things a little crazy around here, but hey, that’s life. Sometimes there’s a lot going on, you eat out a lot, don’t make time for working out, etc. The most important part is whether or not you come back and press play. 💪🏻