What a fun group today ... so much progress.... such cool horses #dream #lessons #friesians #andalusian #superpower #workingequitation #training @llalleee

Mr B wanna thank you ALL for your likes & kind words with a BIG morning kiss & a big Lick that only he can 👅🐴 we can belive we soon have 10K 😱😃❤️🌹thanks you all you wonderful followers !!! Keep your fingers crossed I get My car fixed to day🤞🏻so I can see Mr B to day❤️

The air of heaven is that which blows between a horse's ears. #royaldutchfriesians

Wir waren heute das erstemal in der Halle ❤ Casi war am Anfang sehr aufgeregt und wollte in so manch gruselige Ecke nicht hinein aber zum Schluss ist er überall lang gegangen und wir konnten so manche Tipps mit nach Hause nehmen. 🤗 ich bin stolz auf den kleinen 😍 #casi #casanova #horse #horses #pferde #pferd #pferdepost_123 #pferdemädchen #friesian #friesians #friesianhorse #friese #frieser #friesen #einreiten #dressur #nachwuchs #tollgemacht #reiter #horserider #riding #equestrians #equestrian #reiten

Never lose your Dreams in this cruel world & NEVER give up!!! Many of you have asked If I dont ride Mr B, I do ride him besides this summer being to hot so it havent been possible and I need to have a good day for My body so King B dont have to help me so much with My balance, (you can see him swoching his tale then you know My balance are going out the window and he thinks I should stop for the day its beacuse My body are saying so many diffrent things to him & Im not ”quite even for a second for him ti do what I asked if he could do for me. But he is being so kind about it) I LOVE being up on his back playing & having fun togheter & I hope to be really soon agian 🙂

Some people are going to leave, but that's not the end of your story. That's the end of their part in your story ... 🐎❤😘

Beacuse of yesterday I havent been able to film anything more then Mr B wanting treats😊dont know if that is so intresting for you, so I give you a Flashback to this spring when Mr B and me played around with collection online and we hope you like it. Take care of yourselfs, family & your 4 legd friends always keep them close 💖 cloths & helmet by @hooksofficial