Honestly, I could browse Pantone colour books all day. I’ve been working with @kettlewellcolours on their 2019 ranges, and this is my current favourite page - all those effortlessly stylish barely there shades. Apparently they want some actual colours 😂, so I did manage to flip over to some of the brighter pages too. 💜💙💚💛🧡❤️

THE JOY OF STUFF & GETTING RID OF IT!! - Before I got divorced I was quite unhappy (hence the divorce)! It wasn’t just my marriage that felt like a mess. My whole life did. I just couldn’t put my finger on it but I became pretty obsessed with ways to simplify my life and one of the main things that weighed heavily on me was STUFF. Just STUFF everywhere! - We lived in a huge 5 bedroom, 4,000 square foot barn conversion with an annexe and it was just full to bursting. I spent most of my time researching new pieces of furniture to store all of our stuff that had mounted up now that we had 2 young children. - It was at that time that I started researching capsule wardrobes and first discovered @zerowastehome after reading an article in the @theststyle magazine. It really resonated with me and I was determined to make changes. - Life then threw a real curve ball and I got divorced and I had to pack mine and the childrens stuff up and prepare to be moving to a small 1.5 bedroom flat at the very best. - My energy at the time was sapped with a 4 year old and one year old to care for so my answer to packing my stuff was to be ruthless and I mean totally ruthless. A double garage full of my stuff and I just threw it. Barely opened a box to even see what it was. Clothes that hadn’t been worn got taken to charity and I gave away anything else that was superfluous to needs so that I could store all of our belongings in one container. - Now I live in a beautiful, small house and instead of buying more furniture to store things, I get rid of things that we don’t need and live as streamlined as we can with two little girls who are barbie mad!! - STUFF can take over your life and weigh so heavily on you. Some of my happiest times were travelling when I just had a backpack and life was simple. Clearing clutter and being intentional in your lifestyle is so freeing! Anyone else with me on this? I know that @mariekondo is, hence why I utilise her methods in my styling sessions as they are fantastic and create real, long-term change. Are you ready to de-clutter your life starting with your wardrobe? It’s well worth it x - #wardrobedeclutter #konmarimethod #zerowastehome

❁ W I L D chamomile ❁ ...................................................... Also called pineapple weed because it’s smells deliciously sweet like pineapple. Thank you, Mother Earth, for such beautiful offerings. There is nothing more magical to me than finding wild edibles all around you. Nature, it provides. ✌︎ #earthconsciouslifeSTYLE #ECL #organic #staywild #nature #loveyourmother #motherearth #intentional #intentionalstyle #liveintentionally #bohostyle #boho #bohemian #bohemianstyle #bohemians #newbohemiams #hippie #hippiestyle #hippies #hippielife #vintagestyle #interiordesign #design #minimalism #eco #nature

“Self image is a great big deal; it defines who you are to yourself & the world” 🌎 - I always used to think that caring about my appearance was sheer vanity 😧 and I would get terrible shoppers remorse after any new purchase as I felt that I was being frivolous 😡 - But the truth is, the way that you show up each day is a big deal. Your style is one of the greatest forms of self expression. It is an art form 👨‍🎤 A thing of great beauty. If you look back through history, fashion was a huge part of life. In the 15th Century it was popular amongst women to look as though they were expecting and so they put cushions down their 👗 and walked with their bumps pushed out! Seems crazy now but it is crazy to think that in Egypt: around 4000 BC women’s hair was often decorated with forehead bands, clips, gold ornaments, ribbons and flowers and the fashion was pretty much near nudity 😳 How stuffy are we these days!! 😜😜 - Wanting to represent yourself accurately through your style is completely normal, it is something to embrace as it makes you stronger and more confident in your everyday if you show up looking like the person you want to be because sooner or later you will feel it inside if you don’t already⚡️⚡️. - When I got divorced, my style went out of the window…I could barely get dressed each day and I wanted to limit my decision making so I pretty much ate and wore the same things each day (I did wash them every now and again😜!!). Now that I am re-discovering the things that I am passionate about I have re-discovered style and have become so much more intentional about it. Quality pieces, fewer of them and no more panic buying. Only considered, intentional purchases off things that I truly love. Less is more. Style that lasts. - Would you say that you have an ‘intentional’ style or do you just buy whatever catches your eye?! 😘 • #stylingmybestlife #stylingforconfidence #intentionalstyle #casualstyle

I’m sitting here hoping my new delivery of tea from @brewteaco comes in the next day or two, this is my last mug from the previous order. Honestly, I’m such a convert to loose leaf tea - I don’t think there’s any going back! The flavour is a million times better, and I love the ritual of stopping to make it. 🌱 While I wait for my tea, I’m on day three of an experiment with a new way of working. I’m self employed and have a couple of different income streams, all of which have alway entwined together throughout my working day (they are all loosely connected). In an effort to improve productivity I’m experimenting with spending one day on each different area of work, rather than flitting between all of them every day. 🌱 Rather shamefully, it’s highlighting how much time I previously spent moving from one task to another, instead of getting really stuck into one thing and completing it. I would have always described myself as a busy person, but I’m wondering how much of the busy feeling was created just by endlessly moving from one piece of work to another, rather than actually achieving meaningful chunks of work. 🌱 One thing at a time also seems more in keeping with an intentional life, with slowing down and doing things on purpose rather than constantly fire fighting and doing an excellent headless chicken impersonation. 🌱 I’ll report back on how one thing at a time works out for me. Expect me to feel rather silly about my previous method of working.

I bought these vintage buttons in Florence planning to replace some flimsy ones on a favorite dress. It turns out the button holes are just barely too small. (Swipe —> to see how the old buttons look deceptively similar in size) It’s time to get creative! . . . #vintage #vintagebuttons #buttons #star #blackandwhite #firenze #italianvintage #fashion #ethicalfashion #intentionalstyle #mending #button #style #curated

One for you and one for me! Our floral kimonos are perfect for sunny summer days. Enjoy your #maylong weekend! ⠀ • • • ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #floralkimono #kimono #kimonostyle #kimonos #yegfashion #yegstyle #yeg #yegdt #edmonton #sprucegrove #alberta #canada #summerfashion #summerstyle #friendship #malaandme #intentionalliving #intentionalstyle @jennclaraphotography__

My Haiku Theory of Life has been percolating away gently in the back of my mind for about two years now, and since it was encapsulated neatly in my latest mood board, I thought it was about time it made its way into the light. Come and read about it on the blog at - direct link in my profile.

Silvery Color Magical Mondays Day ruled by the Moon and, today, a new moon 🌑 Silver is associated with prestige and wealth. It is seen as a glamorous, sophisticated color related to female energy, prosperity and modernity. Silver restores equilibrium and stability to both feminine power and spiritual energy.

When the weather is just too glorious for dinner indoors. 🍴☀️🍝

I don't buy much stuff these days. Like, really not much stuff. I love the idea of shopping, but in recent months, maybe even over the past year or more,years I have found that bringing extra stuff into my house can be more hassle than it's worth in terms clutter, cleaning and mental space, so anything that comes in has to really earn its place. 🌸 These vases have earned their place. I bought them from a local business, the wonderfully talented Jeannett @pippiandmeceramics, whose minimalist aesthetic has always drawn me in - I have some of Jeannett's mugs as well, and they are firm favourites in our house. 🌸 Buying only things that I really love means that I can fully appreciate them. They aren’t cluttered out of my attention by things that are ‘nice but not perfect’, and I can enjoy the simple aesthetic pleasure of them every day.

Everything stops for tea. 🌿 Loose leaf tea is where it's at if you want to limit that whole teabags-glued-together-with-plastic thing (although lots of brands are cutting out plastic based glue over the coming year). 🌿 My current absolute favourites are zero waste loose leaf chamomile tea from @earthfoodlove and pretty-low-waste loose leaf chai and decaf teas from @brewteaco (who offer a super handy subscription service for confirmed tea addicts, like yours truly).

Hey ladies a great example of beautiful skirts. #vintage #vintagestyle remember keep fresh elegant. Shoes elevate the look. #shoegame #stylecreative #influencer #intentionalliving #intentionalstyle