Question: Are we sleeping on Andreas Borgman? With Rielly and Gardiner locked in on the left side, the emergence of Travis Dermott and even Calle Rosen in the AHL Playoffs, Borgman is often not viewed as an NHL option for this season. I'm guilty of overlooking him and it's in part due to the fact that he was injured for a large portion of the back half of the season. He was recovering from injury while other defenders in our system were shining down the stretch and in the Playoffs. Oddly enough, if you look at what each defender in contention for the #6 spot on the roster did last year, Borgman is the most qualified option. He played 48 NHL games last year and looked comfortable for the most part. That is one more game than Carrick and more than all of Holl, Rosen and Marincin combined. He also adds a physical element that our defensive core lacks, while still having a nice overall NHL skillset. The main thing that stands in his way is that he is left handed. Babcock is big on D playing their correct side, so this would require 1 of the 3 mentioned earlier or Borgman to switch sides. Even if Borgman doesn't make it out of camp, he really should be the 4th LHD on the depth chart based on his 2017-18 season in comparison to his peers. Comment your thoughts below. - #leafsnation #TMLtalk #StandWitness #NHL #TML #torontomapleleafs #leafs #goleafsgo #NHLnews #NHLleafs #toronto #BeLeaf #thesix #the6 #the6ix #hockey #leafsnation_news =================== 😘 Love Toronto Maple Leafs? Follow Me: @Leafs__report 😀 ☑ Thanks to: @leafsnation_news 💗

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