BACK TO GERMANY 🤓💯 Jetzt ist der 5am Club wieder on-fleek und ich kann wie gewohnt mit einer geilen Routine in den wichtigsten Tag der Woche starten 🤤 denkt alle dran heute ist TU-ES-DAY 🤭 such dir eine Sache raus die dir dein zukünftiges Ich danken wird und setze sie heute sofort um ✊🏾✨ LET’s ROCK THE DAY 😍🚀 ___________________________________________________ #blogger #motivation #travel #reisen #trainhard #eatclean #lifestyleblogger #fashion #fitsporation #mcfit #model #food #abnehmen #vegan #dreamscometrue #muscle #bodybuilding #fitness #paradies #intermittentfasting #berlin #healthy #beauty #beach #training #bmw #healthyfood #life #dreams #gopro

I don’t know if you guys know this about me, but my love languages are Words of Affirmation, Quality Time and Gifts. Gifts is always one people are more judgey of cos you just think I #wantwantwant . It’s not like that though, PLEASE don’t just give me “stuff”. A bag full of expensive goodies is not a gift to me. This love language it’s not about that at all. It’s more the fact that when a gift is given that you’ve considered ME in the process. That you haven’t just gone and picked anything off the shelf or thrown money at me, but you’ve found something that speaks to me and shows me you know (and love) me. The best gifts can be the tiniest or cheapest little gift, but one that involved thinking of me in the process. I can’t tell you how “full” that makes my tank! Guys, it’s almost like the people at @pessoworld KNOW me and have spoken straight to my love language. They sent me a pair of these babies. My colour. My style. Just perfect. I’m wearing the size 3 ‘Escargot’ in Rose. You can find these babies in @stepaheadsa - @mallballitojunction They are ridiculously comfy and you can buy online if you’re a junkie like me (link in profile) “A buttery soft leather sneaker with hidden elasticated panels for easy on-off fitting and a stable leather bow. On a flexible, non-slip sole and a soft and padded leather footbed.” Do you believe in the concept of love languages and if so what are yours?💗 . . . . . #pessopeople #sneakermom #stepahead #momof3 #momblogger #durbanblogger #momstyle #lifestyleblogger

168/365 Beauty comes in all colors, shapes and sizes. Every tribe and every tongue is a gift to be celebrated. - #colors #colorful #indonesia #bangka

КАК ЗАСТАВИТЬ СЕБЯ ПРОСЫПАТЬСЯ ПО УТРАМ ⠀ У меня есть одна проблема. Я очень люблю спать. И никак не могу проснуться утром, даже часов в 10.00-11.00. Даже если есть какие то важные дела, я просто плюю на них и сплю дальше. Потом, естественно, жалею. Как бы не старалась, все равно не могу заставить себя встать с кровати. ⠀ Мне стало интересно 🤔 ⠀ Я одна такая❓ Как вы с этим боритесь❓ Как вы заставляете себя просыпаться по утрам❓ ⠀ Поделитесь своими методами, мне будет полезно почитать 😊 ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #петрозаводск #karelia #lifestyleblogger #lifestyle #liketime #like4like #liketolike #likeforlike #commentforcomment #fashion #fashionblogger #beuty #followforfollow #sfs #shoutoutforshoutout

One of my favourite ways to practice self care on an evening it to curl up in comfy clothes and read a good book 📚 this hoodie from @sheffieldfutures is absolutely perfect to do that in; especially as it was created to promote self care and get people to talk about their mental health 🙌🏼 at the minute I’m reading Dan Brown’s Inferno and I can’t decide if I like it or not 🤔 it’s pretty well written and has a lot of suspense in it, but the storyline so far has seemed pretty predictable. It doesn’t help that one of my favourite authors has done this exact storyline before, so I’m forever comparing it to that one 🤦🏻‍♀️ want to read my full evening self care routine? Then check out my latest post over at or click the link in my bio 💫 what’s your favourite way to practice self care? 💕

Resepi biskut raya paling senang dan tak mencabar langsung. Oklah. Cabaran dia bila oven kau rare sikit tak macam oven orang. Lari segala timing and temperature dr yang tutorial bagi. . . . #myafarishadotcom #malaysianblogger #lifestyleblogger #florentine #afbdotmy #ygpositifaje #dapurmya