Good morning beautiful people. #longpostalert. I pray today there will be no NO's in our lives. Yesterday was something else for me. Got so many NO's. Being an entrepreneur isn't easy o. If anyone says it is please would you be so kind to let me know how you do yours. There are people I see everyday and I really wonder how they do it. Someone like @adetokeoluwo oh my! This lady is something else. My clothing brand page @cloinsignia started following her about almost a year ago. She may not know it but most times I simply look to her every post for motivation. Sometimes when I ask myself what I think I'm even doing here on IG and then I see her posts and I'm like this is what you are supposed to be doing doing on IG, selling. She made me understand so many things and terms on IG. The importance of quality pictures, consistency, collaboration and many more. Thank you so much Toke for everything you do for people even unknowingly. Really regretted missing the last gramguru so many things were happening in my life at the same time so I couldn't make it but I really pray that by His Grace I won't miss the next one cos my business definitely needs it. That said guys please head on to @cloinsignia and check out our new collection. Very beautiful pieces. This 👆top is one of them. #cloinsignia #readytowear #Awwcollection #womenfashion #clothingbrand #Longpost

Yesterday a conquered a fear of mine. And I'm super proud of myself! I went swimming. In the ocean. 💧 I'm not afraid of water, seaweed,sand and stuff like that. I'm afraid of showing myself in a bikini. . As I told you guys before. I hate my body. I hate how it looks. But I'm really trying to stop thinking like that.. . . Yesterday I made the decision, that I would do anything to stop my daughter from having the same thoughts as me. So I put on a bikini, for her. Jumped in the water, for her. And I loved it, I laughed and had so much fun. I completely forgot my fear.. . . I think I need to start doing things like this. For me. . . . . . . #longpost #sorry #forher #forme #bikini #summer #motherhood #mommylife #momselfie #fear #photographerslife #amateurphotography #naturelove #mother #beachday #selfieoftheday #selfietime #selfiefriday #portrait #selfportrait #thoughts #thoughtsnlife #momthoughts #happyfriday #natureloversgallery #memyselfandi #mum #mor #mortanker #morlivet

So today 3 years ago my heart got broken into millions of pieces. I lost the best horse, my best friend. This horse turned me into a better rider, helping me overcome my 'fear' after a really bad fall.. I still thank you every day ! 🌟💓 I look up to the stars every night and just smile because I know you are in a better place showing off that fancy moves 🌌👏💓💓 - "Grief is love not wanting to let go, love with no place to go" Miss You Everyday RIP Lookout 2000-2015 - #longpost #friday #thoroughbreds #expolo #gonebutneverforgotten #tillwemeetagain #equestrianlife #horses #herestothebest #itsthelittlethingsinlife 🐦🌌💔🐴

So tonight I got to go see Dan and Phil on their Interactive Introverts tour with my best friend of 14 years @tinybluewitch. It was one of the best live shows I have ever seen. The crowd was amazing, the material was funny, and Dan and Phil did a great job. I've never seen a more supportive crowd of people. The entire audience was decked out in cat whiskers, flower headbands, pride flags, and tour merch. They were dancing and singing and having an amazing time just being able to be themselves. It was an experience I'll never forget. So thank you, Dan and Phil, for putting out content that has helped me, and several other people through some hard times, for creating a community where people feel like they can be themselves, for taking the time to go on tour to see the people who love you, and, most importantly, for making us all laugh. 💖🖤💖 #interactiveintroverts #danandphil #danielhowell #phillester #danhowell #interactiveintrovertstour #tour #connecticut #ct #hartford #newengland #thebushnell #bushnell #thursday #thursdaynight #youtube #liveshow #personal #longpost

#longpostalert⚠️ Don’t ask me why now but I can’t get over how hauntingly beautiful I think Julie Delpy is in Before Sunrise (1995). I also can’t get over how hopelessly romantic this movie makes the goof inside me feel. I watched this years ago when I was young and quite hopelessly in love myself and the mere thought of randomly getting off the train with a stranger to spend the day in Vienna (which I now know for myself is so so beautiful for a city) sounded so very exciting but the marathon-ish conversation between the two, with its periodic lulls, didn’t exactly bake my cake (Yep, I used that phrase 😜) back then. Watched this again a few weeks ago and fell in love with Jesse and Céline all over again and how! Kids, there is a reason why this movie is hailed as one of the best romantic movies you’ll ever watch. And hidden in that conversational marathon are such amazing gems of wisdom on what love is and isn’t. If you haven’t, please, please remedy this. The weekend is here - you have no excuses. ❤️

#tbt to that time I actually had some gd body confidence after playing drums for 6 hours. And in my exhaustion got a decent picture of myself. I miss feeling like that man. I feel sexiest when I’m onstage and I just wish I felt that way in real life. There’s always ups and downs. Some days you’re that bitch and other days you’re a potato but either way someone thinks you’re hot af and that’s a nice feeling. Hope you have a good night. Be More Chill opens in 20 days and I’m moving in 11. Get hyped . . . #drums #selfie #longpost #hair #love #sweat #cary #bodyconfidence #loveyourself

21 #mcm😍 later you still give me butterflies. You hold my hand and steal my heart. How could be so happy? So in love and So lucky? I don’t know what I did to get things right, but I am blessed beyond measure. Happy three months Baby. #threemonths #anniversary #shegotakeeper #adventures #love #hedeservesit #longpost

Warning: Long and Sappy Post.... Ladies and gentlemen, let me tell you all a little something about my husband. He is the sweetest guy I've ever met. He is super caring even though he may not express it in the most obvious ways. @romanzhogan makes me feel truly special, cherished, and loved every single day. I couldn't have asked for a better husband. Does this mean that we've had a "perfect marriage"? Let me ask you this, does a perfect marriage even exhist?? In 3 years, I have learned a lot with this man beside me: I've learned to work through disagreements. I've had to learn to express myself better and to communicate better. This man has pushed me to be a better version of myself every single day. Not only is he loving and caring and sweet, but he has a great relationship with God and my parents. That is such an important thing. I honestly am just so grateful that God knew what he was doing when he brought Roman and I together. Roman puts up with more than a few of my annoying habits. I would just like to finish this up by saying thank you to my wonderful husband. You are a blessing in my life and I don't think I say that enough to you. #husbandgoals #vaycay #naplesflorida #longpost

I wasn't going to post this because, again.... I look like a huge dork (a happy dork though 😂)... and putting yourself out there makes you extremely vulnerable to the social media world... 😬 . . I don't own a scale... In fact the only way I found out how much I had actually lost was getting on the scale at the grocery store lol! 🤷‍♀️ . . I tend to thrive off NON-SCALE victories, and I just obtained another one!!! 😍 . . I haven't been able to fit in to these shorts since I wore them for the last time, over a year ago (that's how quickly my health started deteriorating).... And not only do I fit in to them again, but I have ROOM in the waist band now!!!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻 . . Not only have I lost weight and inches... I've lost my daily bloating, my digestive discomfort, my fatigue, my pain, my headaches, my brain fog, my panic attacks, MY THYROID MEDICATION, my food cravings.... And I've gained back my energy and motivation, my focus, my confidence, my complete control over my food choices, a HEALTHY GUT, and a whole lot of new friends and community because of Plexus!!!! ❤️❤️❤️ . . Plexus has completely changed my health and my life!!! It can do the same for you, if you are willing to try and stay consistent!!! . . #GutHealthMatters #WhatIfThisCouldChangeEverything #PlexusIsDifferent

my dad never smiles in pictures so its really weird to see him so happy. yet at the same time it feels really heartwarming. lol. he's a man with few words and few emotions. just like me, lol. lately, i have thoughts like "what makes him happy?" / "will he die happy?" my parents have worked so hard since coming to Canada. work is all they know. so its nice to see my dad doing things he enjoys doing. #reuploaded #cuzthelastphotodidntshow 😑😑 #longpost #fishing #lovemydad 💕💕 #oneforthebooks #wecaughtabiggerfishafter #pros 😏😏 #goodday

Yes I'm aware that my legs need to be bigger 🙄 working on it, but a nice back pump came out to play on leg day tonight and I haven't worked out my back in 3 months due to the broken shoulder cuz rows and lat pulls hurt. But I did a light set of lat pulls tonight to see how it felt and it wasn't bad at all! First back day in 12 weeks coming tomorrow 👍 super excited I've missed it bad. #gainz #fitfam #goldsgym #legday #chickenlegs #🖕 #completenutritionpeoria #completenutrition #fitnessmotivation #longpost

Lately I have been going through a rut with my artistic-self. I don't bring myself to draw everyday. I shy away from disclosing my future aspirations. And I've been questioning why I continue these illustrations in the first place. My work typically draws upon the beauty of nature, the dynamics of contour lines, and the symbolism behind social issues. These past few months I've spent traveling around the globe has helped me put into perspective that sometimes it's okay to reevaluate yourself and your potential. And to realize that it's okay if you do not feel okay. Being able to simply interact with pen and paper for a few minutes is better than not sitting down at all. It is people here like Lindsey who I also have to thank (not only for sitting still) but for reminding me that humanity is still one of the greatest showcasers for art. So though I may have not been posting as often, masterpiece after masterpiece, I'm grateful to have these experiences and to have learned what it truly means to appreciate myself and others, both in and out of the art world. Thank you to those who continually lend their support. I can't wait to see where I go next.

💫Well this is new. Someone submitted a question to our Tumblr Page asking; . “What made you choose 6/17 & 7\19 as your release dates?” . Well to be honest, 6-17 and 7-19 kept showing in really odd sequences throughout the year. Sometimes YouTube videos would end at either mark, license plates, times, jeez you name it. . 6-17 is also my birthday. But when when you reflect it, it becomes 7-19. . So, I took everything as a sign from the universe to act upon this day... What set my goal in motion was seeing the moon phase that took place on both days. Did you see them? (6-17) 🌙 🌗 (7-19) #longpost #theothersideeb #novel #scifi #fantasy #horror #mystery #paperback #bookrelease #moon

I am not an epistle kind of person but on these,it’s a must💪👌🙏🏾 Have gone to so many photographers to learn but I dnt really understand what I was taught due to child birth 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️it got to an entent that I said I was never going to bother my head over it but my instinct kept telling me that you have not gotten to the right place and I was determined never to let’s go but let GOD🙏🏾 i went for @flawlessfacesbyjane master class and She told us about @libartystudios,also I went to @oni_gele and he said the same thing(Seun) I called him @libartystudios and he responded well and that was it. During the training was a lot of challenges for me coz little thing that I should have known but I Dnt.He always go back to re-explain what I dnt know....that is an example of a good teacher 👨‍🏫,we all Dnt learn @ the same pace Even after my training period I still call on several occasions and he will answer which some trainer’s dnt do!!!!!but I know I really disturb you sha👍👍👍🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️I know I am one of the most disturbing student that you have ever had(I deserve some accolade) Thank you for impacting so much knowledge in me and helping me to build my brand,and also removing the fear of I can not do it Your hands 🤚 are blessed and may almighty God reward you abundantly I present my 1st picture to @libartystudios #proudboss #proudstudent #proudme #longpost #photography #tryingmyskillsatphotography

I’ve been doing makeup on clients for 3 1/2 years now and the best practice i can get is practicing on myself and stepping out of my color comfort zone. Thank you to all those who book me I still have so much to learn before even calling myself a professional makeup artist 🎨💄 . . @boxycharm alamar cosmetics pallet @anastasiabeverlyhills brow wiz in chocolate @toofaced born this way foundation in natural beige @maybelline fit me concealer in fair @lauramercier translucent setting powder @maccosmetics studio fix powder nc40 @toofaced melted latex lipstick in hopeless romantic #motd #boxycharm #anastasiabeverlyhills #vegas_nay #maccosmetics #longpost #sorrynotsorry😂

FLAMINGA VIBES 💕 #Longpost First of all, I still don't understand why there isn't a flamingo emoji? 🤔 Secondly, on a scale of 1 -10 how excited do you think I was after seeing this filter?! ° ° After having a full blown photoshoot... obviously. I am feeling inspired to share a few characteristics of the Flamingo spirit animal that capture my true self. -vibrant & outgoing -beautiful in stature and grace -intelligent & a big dreamer -kind & helpful -delicate & well-mannered -enjoys various social situations, but also craves alone time -I hide my incredible ideas & only share them when I feel confident enough to do so -indecisive & anxious -when I'm not in my element I can be closed off & temperamental -A creative soul whose hands are always busy 💌 #liveyourtruth #spiritanimal #flamingo

Wow, today was crazy! I’m STILL buzzing! First XC school of the year at Bath and what a difference 8 mos makes. We took a bit to warm up bet we cantered starter jumps like it was easy and I have never cantered jumps on XC before. He was so good! We only had one time where he threw me off but I wasn’t riding him forward enough but I hopped back on and cantered it like nothing happened. Today made me feel like we’re making progress when my last schooling there ended with me getting pretty hurt. #progress #horse #horses #horsesofinstagram #horseherd #friends #longpost #wimpyeventer #chase #gelding #bayhorse #hanoveriancross #quarterhorsecross #chasingthedream #starter #xcschooling #bathponyclub #bpc #ridgewoodstables #intraining #confidenceboost

Long post ahead, just like it and go if you’re not trying to read it all lollll. TLDR: BBLU 💅🏽 - I’ve always been inspired and awed by the woman who lives on her own terms, finally comfortable in her own skin despite it causing discomfort for others who are rigid in their gender normativity (men & women) and don’t know how to react to a woman unapologetically in charge of *herself*. She just doesn’t give an eff and I love her for it. - Twenty-seven-years. That’s how long it’s taken for me. And it’s still something I struggle with. A world led by patriarchal standards makes every inch of your agency an uphill battle. My hope is that someday, all girls born into this world have their agency as something that is rightfully theirs from birth, not something she has to continuously fight for and only reckon with in her 20s. I say all this because the last few years have become the reckoning years for myself. I look back at the women who’ve helped along the way. From the unapologetic women that I aspired to be like but didn’t quite have the courage yet, to the blatantly internally misogynistic women that I hoped could unlearn what they were taught. - Someone will always expect something from you simply because you’re a woman...know that you have every right to say NO (no, I won’t smile for you gtfoh), it doesn’t matter who it is that’s asking. I’ve unlearned the societal conditioning that made me think I had to appease others because of what role they have or be a certain way or do things by a certain age. I’ll curse if I *want* to and I won’t marry until I *want* to. (At 17, I told myself I want to be married by 23😂) - Bottom line: I’ve finally learned to accept myself for who I am, from the flaws I’m working on to the things I love about myself. It’s a level of freedom I never thought possible. Not to say there aren’t days when I critique the shit out of myself or feel insecure, but I’m getting there. I thank the badass women I’ve come to know over the years and the lessons I’ve learned. I only hope I can positively influence those still finding their way. Y’all amazing and men ain’t shit.

This day will forever be a memory to hold. Our first ever photo shoot as a family. Our first ever maternity shoot and all happening on Jonis’ 7th birthday. That day we were approached by a lovely, more mature lady. She told us how she was in awe with our family and wanted to take photos of the boys and us. She said she was sitting with her friends looking over at us while we took our photos and couldn’t help but be drawn to us, so she said to her friends ‘she had to come and meet us’ Now Alem and I were seperated at this time so we were not as natural as we would usually be but I always wanted a maternity shoot and as a family - so for one day. We put everything aside, put away our pride and went on with the day. Anyways, after having a good ole chin wag with said lady and taking a few snaps for her. She handed Gracie her business card and told her “Make sure to give this to them when you finish” then looked at us and whispered “I hope you two stay together forever” Alem & I just looked at each other and laughed “If only she knew”. It wasn’t until after the photo shoot was finished and Gracie handed us her card did we realise who and what she was. This beautiful lady was a Clairvoyant who specialises in LOVE. Now I’m sharing this story because at times I still doubt our relationship which stems from a lot of pain and heartache from the past. But! When I get into that doubtful state of mind. I take myself back to this very moment and remind myself. That for some silly reason the universe is forever sending us signs that we are supposed to be together. Sending us signs to remind us that no matter what. We can overcome any obstacle that’s put before us. Trust me when I say. THE UNIVERSE HAS TESTED US TO OUR CORE! Through our years people have always told us that they feel a certain powerful energy when it comes to Alem & I. That they can not just see the love we have for each other but they feel it too. Obviously she felt it too. Some may say it’s a coincidence. But I don’t. I don’t believe in coincidences anymore. I believe things happen, people are brought into our lives (even if it’s just briefly) for a certain reason. She was a prime example 🌙