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Continue in comments ______________________ Whenever you felt tired playing major cameo role in your own life , join gym that will solve none of your problems . I have joined gym and it was such a bad decision untill The last yoga day . My yoga day starts with sentence “ you take care of your health or someone else take care of it for you . And has ended with chasing a girl on our Honda Grazia moped . Yeah ! My friend have such a terrible but full of color moped . After 3 weeks of consistency , we have finally managed to have a conversation with the fittest girl . Thanks to rains . She has no interest to talk to us but we were the only people she could talk because every day we sit on the next seat beside her . She was getting late and her friend who used to pick her up, did not showed up yet . So she asked us ( me ) to drop her at her home . As she was getting late for school , so she urged to drive fast . Sometimes I feel , My whole life is fabricated around “ Reach desired place at time - Rumi ” quote . “You don't appear as a school student” , as I tried to speak something while driving since last 15 minutes , she said no! I am a teacher and instruct to take right turn . I felt shiver in my spine and gave left indicator but took the right turn . And traffic police caught me at some miles ahead for driving without helmet . As police uncle checked my license ,“Kapil Dev without helmet batting against fast speed , not fair ." And gave me fine recipiet of 250 INR . Uncle do you use Bhim App, Paytm , any mobile wallet because I have no hard cash and looked at the fittest girl but she didn't give a damn about it. Police Uncle said - “ no ! Take a visit to traffic management office tomorrow” and let us go. Then she said - “ well ! You did not introduce yourself , introduce yourself quickly , Kapil Dev ! , I said - “ I am the guy who gives left indicator but takes right turn.” she laughed and said “are you born flirt or is flirting your religion ? “ before 2014 I used to read Indian Express newspaper but now I read The Hindu Newspaper ” I replied . We reached her home and she did not invited me in . She was in that much hurry but it costs me 250 INR .

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There is no substitute to be happy. It's either you have a positive attiutude about it or you can really whine or complain a lot about what's happening. It's all about perception really and a lot of patience and faith above that your life will get better in the end. For now it's okay for the little bumps or big here and there. This is what I know life is not about you, if you know you can take it as it is, you learned easily and you don't need to be perfect you just need to live for others. ☺ . . . . . #ownyourlife #embraceyourjourney #yourrelationshipstoday #lifeisagift #selfimprovement #weekendvibes #positivesoul #positivemindset #lovequotesandsayings #loveyourfamily #pinaywrites #freelancing #livehappyandhealthy #youareawesome #laptopstyle #mystory #mylife #yougotthis

A needed idea is more powerful than anything in the world. People will do anything to bring it to reality, so it is wise to invest in its feasibility. Ideas are the new world's newest weapons!

Learning how to love 💕

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The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart!

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