Hey everyone, new episode of @notforeveryonepodcast is up featuring 1968’s “The Green Slime” go check it out! #greemen #butanedildorockets #hotitalianbirds #fakeseanconnery #cosmichistorylesson #carlwinslowdegrassetyson #midichlorians @notforeveryonepodcast @pinballbobby @vonarndt13 hey guys here’s my question: what is your favorite anthology film? It seems to be a dead genre even though I loved it, such as: Nightmares, Tales from The Darkside, Twilight Zone the movie, Creepshow, Trilogy of Terror, Cat’s Eye and shit like that?

Okay hear me out. This movie gets better if we have a teenage Anakin instead of a child. That way Padme and Anakin are closer in age and get more time to develop chemistry. This then makes the prequels more watchable (it’s not the only problem with the prequels which is why I said “more watchable”) I do think there are interesting ideas on paper with the prequels. Could have gotten a cool three-part “government conspiracy which leads to war” movies. So many what ifs, too little time. Star Wars Rankings: 1. Empire Strikes Back 2. A New Hope 3. Return of the Jedi 4. The Phantom Menace #NowThisIsRewatching #Prequels #Midichlorians #GunganGeneralJarJarBinks #StarWars

Happy Birthday Cousin of mine🎊🍀 You are low key one of the craziest dudes I know, and I can’t wait for another summer at Pine Springs doin Pine Springs things. Love you dude. #midichlorians #trusttheprocess

Ladies, whose blood is full of #midichlorians. MetamOrfphosis. #peapleareawesome

Fél év után találta meg a funkcióját ez a mekis zacsi a hatsó ülésről. Egyebkent az #eper növeli a #midiklorián ok számát a vérben. According to British scientists, #strawberry exacerbates #midichlorians in peripherial blood. Better than chilli.

#midichlorian and #midichlorians in red. Naiv scientists call them as nucleoids in mitochondria.