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Happy Monday! Wrist check, rocking the Zenith Elite today 😀 . . . #zenith #watch #watchclub #automatic #watch #horology #watchesofinstagram #movement #elite

Exercise is the most effective way to reduce stress, increase immunity and boost moods and energy as well as increasing the body’s strength and fitness. There are multiple benefits both physically and mentally as a result of regular exercise regardless of the style or intensity of training. Regular movement decreases the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and the symptoms of arthritis through increasing muscle mass and bone density as well as lowering body fat levels and high blood pressure. It has the ability to increase flexibility, posture and balance through the strengthening of the core muscles and stretching. The release of endorphins or feel good hormones is a great way to relive stress, exercising within a group works as a great environment to socialise with a mood boost and improve your fitness and strength

▶Juggling◀ . This isn't just an activity meant for the circus 🎪. . Juggling is a great activity for developing hand-eye coordination, cultivating focus, and makes for a decent party trick. . It is one of the new movements I have been working on in 2018. . Although I still have plenty of room to grow with this activity, I have enjoyed the journey thus far. . What's a new movement skill you are working on in 2018? Let me know below 👇. . . #MovementMentality #physicaltherapy #pt #physio #physiotherapy #juggling #coordination #handeyecoordination #fun #life #sport #movement #rookie #motorlearning #trick #athlete #training #train #skill #kinesiology #practice #play #juggle #fitspirarion #fitspo #mind #body #health #wellness #circus

D.1- W.3 Main Lift. Bench Press. 6x6. Last set. Practice. Practice. Practice. Goodnight.Goodnight.Goodnight😂 Burned. #benchpress #practice #barbell #building #lift #power #strength #gym #tecnique #arch #bench #mind #body #health #movement #training #attitude #lifestyle #goon

PATIENCE 🙃 - - After going through a “gaining” phase for a solid 8 months last year with the goal of course to gain weight by adding more muscle tissue, I felt after Christmas and my Birthday in January (the day the photo on the left was taken), it was time to start pealing back a little bit of excess body fat. - - I learned while going through this phase that if you want to gain weight/put on size, it is inevitable you will have to put on some BF. - - The thought of gaining BF initially scared me but it was then pushed aside by how much I wanted to improve my physique and health long term. - - Notice how I said LONG TERM? When we think about a transformation, we think of 8-12 weeks down the line. I initially wanted this, however thankfully I was under the guidance of @paddy_farrell_ from @triagemethod who advised we took a slower, less aggressive approach to the diet. - - We’ve looked at other variables and taken into consideration my recovery capability. With workload having increased hugely, we came to the decision that training 5 days a week was just too much for me to recover from at this point so we pulled my training back to 4 days. - - I probably wouldn’t have let myself cut back on my training with the fear I would undo my progress but I actually think I’ve made more progress since making this change. Plus I feel so much better too! - - It’s taken time (5 months) to lose BF. Yes, we could’ve done this (and even more) in 12 weeks but Overall Health was another one of my main goals and cutting calories aggressively low (which would have a negative impact to my Overall Health) wasn’t worth it. - - There’s still more to go in terms of getting to the physique I want to be at. I’ve loved having something to work towards and looking back on it, I feel proud seeing the progress I’ve made. - - Patience has been huge the past few months. I now know why we took a longer approach and it definitely was the better way. Calories are still very high which is always nice and Training has been going really well! - - A massive thanks and appreciation to the wizard @paddy_farrell_ for guiding me along the way. Here’s to seeing what the next few months will bring 💪

As week three of our #summeratskidmore intensive begins, we want to thank Wendell Beavers for sharing his talents and passion with our participants last week. Here are a few shots of his movement classes captured by our talented RA @sydneytennant #siticompany #movement #create #move #grow

You might have heard that rolling down and up was bad for people with low back pain or that you’re more likely to hurt yourself if you stand up with a rounded back. . Is this true? It’s a common question, especially for people with low back pain and injuries. . If you’ve ever wondered what’s the best strategy for transitioning out of forward fold,, or if you should only hip hinge to come into a forward fold, then we’ve got you covered! . The Movement Logic team - @sarahcourtdpt , @laurelbeversdorf and I - are hosting a FREE LIVE Q&A WEBINAR July 7, 1pm PST, to take the mystery out of working with students with low back pain or just maintaining low back health. Hip-hinging versus spinal flexión will be a big one we address! . Sign up to join the live webinar here: or click the webinar link in the @movementlogictutorials or in my bio! . (And if you can't make it, you'll have access after it's over via our newsletter!)

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Rock Force, a primeira esteira de força desenvolvida especialmente para os padrões brasileiros de treinamento funcional. Construída em materiais extremamente resistentes, e com pontos de ancoragem específicos para cintas de resistência, proporciona máxima eficiência para atletas de todos os níveis. . . Av. Mato Grosso, 1613 - Esquina com a Rua Brasil -Campo Grande - MS Tel: (67) 3382-9613 / 3384-9614 . . ✅Confira o nosso site: . #movifitness #equipamentos #jump #esteiras #fitness #estudios #academias #movement #força #campogrande #cidademorena #movifitnesscg