#⚽ +Instagram Stories   #whpplay #shotononeplus #oneplus6 México 1 Alemania 0. ¡Vencimos al campeón del mundo, el que le metió 7 a Brasil hace cuatro años! Después de una tremenda fiesta en una discoteca clandestina de Moscú, todos amanecimos, de última hora, para ir al partido. El hospitality previo al encuentro era un paraíso y con la gente que estaba se volvió la euforia absoluta: gritábamos y aplaudíamos mientras un ruso volaba por los aires agitando sus botas puntiagudas. Cuando llegó el momento del partido, lloré al principio y al final; al inicio por ver un sueño cumplido y al final porque ganamos el juego. El ambiente inolvidale, miles de mexicanos gritando, porras, himnos de guerra y guarradas. Somos la mejor afición. Dos alemanes gigantes, de unos 5 metros se me acercaron, me tomaron del hombro y me dijeron “Congratulations, well played” y fue ahí que se me hinchó el corazón. Ahora a festejar con @corona_mx y toda la banda #lasuertenojuega #manulogues #manutirussia #juegaméxico ____________________ Mexico 1 Germany 0. We beat the world champion, the one who scored 7 to Brazil four years ago! After a tremendous party in a clandestine nightclub in Moscow, we all woke up, at the last minute, to go to the game. The hospitality prior to the meeting was a paradise and with the people who were there it became the absolute euphoria: we shouted and applauded while a Russian dancer flew through the air waving his pointy boots. When the time came for the match, I cried at the beginning and at the end; at the beginning to see a dream fulfilled and in the end because we won the game. Some giant Germans, of about 5 meters approached me, took me by the shoulder and told me "Congratulations, well played" and it was there that my heart swelled. Now it’s time to celebrate with @corona_mx and all the friends #lasuertenojuega

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Had fun using the OnePlus 6 unboxing video on parka soon! #oneplus6

Colourful #GOOGLE ... My #AppleANDroid #Expensiment is neeearly over & UNLIKE sponsored #TechYouTubers I went out and bought all 5 devices I really liked - YUP, with my earned wages. I've got no kids or mortgage, so screw it. THE BIG RESULT? might surprise some of you (CAVEAT: I'm a "regular tech fan" who decided to explore the REAL difference between #Apple #iOS and the #Android experience)

Barcelona ❤️💙 . . Shot by: @itsweaam #oneplus6

Cajun jumbalaya for the wife 🔥 🔥 🔥

Pork ribs, Cajun potato salad and some slaw on the side. For myself.

Templating on @codepen because that's where the best drafts are born. #codepen #quickdev #development #frontend #snapseed #oneplus6

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