I dream big! Teenage me wanted to make huge paintings so I could inverse myself in them to be in a peaceful space. As I went through undergrad and graduate school my paintings grew in size. The subject matter was often about the very thing I was trying to accomplish, dreaming up a better more peaceful life for myself. If you swipe you can see my first big painting done in 2004ish with colorful umbilical cords and ideas growing in wombs coming from my mind. In grad school I made 5' x 19' pieces and I even had to create structures to get to the surface of my paintings because they were so big. (Swipe to see) In the past year I've realized painting big and giving people a calming space to enter visually isn't enough. As I have continued to make I have realized that the process of making the big pieces are more transformational than the passive act of viewing them. That's why I created Project Joy, so you can enter into making and experience the benefits that I have over the years. . . . . . . . #project_ joy #unlockyourpotential #unlockyourjoy #inkonpaper #yupo #modern_watercolor #liquitex #liquitexink #painting #contemporaryart #abstract #art #artladelphia #Philadelphia #southphilly #originalart #artflowsessions #fluidartgallery #fluidsouls #carveouttimeforart #studioscenes #artstudio #passioncolorjoy #creativeeveryday #colorcrushcreative #creativeprocess

GREAT way to start Monday! Loved seeing this post first thing 😘🙏 #Repost @coffeeartproject ・・・ Interpretations of the theme of coffee are huge. Your piece doesn't have to be coffee coloured either. Bright and bold works too. •• Register for The Coffee Art Project NYC 2018 by August 31, and submit your piece by September 28. •• Whether you already have a piece that fits the theme, or if you're creating a new and unique work for the competition, we're excited to see what is produced. •• Work featured is by Jessica Hitchcock with "Bold Conversations of Fauvism".

Menta, pongamos más Menta! ✌️ (Amanecidas) . Una semana para ponerle Menta a Lima 🙌

While painting over the weekend I was also listening to “Braving the Wilderness” by @brenebrown and this excerpt really struck me: “Art has the power to render sorrow beautiful, make loneliness a shared experience, and transform despair into hope.” I had to stop and re-listen to it a few times. This. This is why we create. Hearing this reminds me why our job as artists is so important. ❤️ #mondaymotivation

Monday mornin’, you sure look fine 🌞 . Fleetwood Mac comin’ in for the win this morning! I’m still thinking about materials, friends. Lately I’ve been trying to find the best option for applying metallic elements to my paintings- I’ve tried oil paint, acrylic paint, gilding and several other things! I found this gilding at Pat Catan’s this weekend- haven’t tried it yet, but I’m excited. It feels kinda cool to be a painter that can show off #howiamaco 😏

Typically I’m sitting in that chair looking out through the studio window but today I wanted a different perspective. I’m sure my mind could venture off in many philosophical directions with that but honestly I’m just enjoying the fruit 🍊

I have always been obsessed with patina and rust and just all things vintage and old. I wanted you to see this painting process of copper , patina and rust — all on wood. Using chemicals and metallic paint you get this beautiful process. I have used it for years on my churches for doors and windows. I’ve decided to use the process in a bigger format and i love it !

“Vertebra” graphite drawing closeup

“Vertebra” graphite drawing closeup

“Vertebra” graphite drawing closeup

#ArtByModernGypsy - I painted this sweet girl a few months ago. That owl on her head, though, took ages to get right! {And I still don’t think it’s right, but it’s the best that I could do!} . #MixedMediaArt - watercolours, acrylics, pen