Lilly takes a moment to pose for the camera during her Central Bark play #beauspethotel #pamperedpets #trustedcare #pethotel #petsofadelaide #dogsofadelaide #adelaidedogs #adelaide

Cheeky @barkvada remembered it was tongue out Tuesdays today 😝

This was the best photo I could get today of Max in his new head halter 😂 He wasn’t so impressed but I loved it! Max is very strong so often on our walks I just hold on and Max walks me 😂 Today his parents got him a new head halter to try. He wasn’t too happy at first but once we both got used to it he walked so well ❤️ Looking forward to the next walk so we can test it out again 🐶

@fred.and.wilson loving how green everything looks after the rain 🌱

@sahara_of_adelaide keeping her eye on some ducks having a play in the river today 🦆

Tobias loves his walks around the river. When we see other dogs up ahead I have to call him back to put the lead on.... not because he will react to the dogs, its because he runs straight up to the other owners for treats 🐶

Charlie and Harry were more interested in the leaves rather then my treats this morning 🍁

Some goodies from our mates at @madpawsau 😻 :: Message me for bookings. 📲 ▪️ ▪️ #petsitter #dogsitter #dogsarelife🐾 #animals #dogwalker #catsitter #madpawsau #booknow #goodies #petsofadelaide #pawsplayadl #catsofinstagram

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