Well that's all folks!!! ♊️Gemini Season has officially ended & what a great season it was!!! I hope you enjoyed the series 'Reflections Of A Gemini' just as much as I enjoyed taking the pictures. ♊️112♊️ #ReflectionsOfAGemini2

There's a lot of people around me that believe in me, and I depend on them to see me through this - this life of mine. Let's hope this journey that we take... All these moves that we make... Are the right ones... While I REFLECT ♊️111♊️ #ReflectionsOfAGemini2

There's nothing better in this world than to be for sure, And I'm sure - I'm sure enough in what I do 📷📽, and how I do it.📸🎥 ♊️110♊️ #ReflectionsOfAGemini2

Protect this house. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

I recently rehabbed and moved back into my childhood home, the home my parents bought in 1957 - several years before I was born. I'm finally starting to get my things unpacked and organized. I feel like I can breath again and start getting back to some normalcy. With that said, I got my photo editing hardware back on-line...Yay! Now it's time to start going through and organizing my lightroom library. I have 50K photos so i'll be sharing some older photos for awhile. This is just before sunrise at the Clark Bridge. If you want to learn more about the challenges of building this bridge during the Flood of 93 search for a NOVA documentary entitled Super Bridge. Pretty interesting. ILCE-7RM2 with FE 16-35mm F4 ZA OSS ISO 100 6.0 sec ƒ / 8.0 ...................... #sunrise #sunrise_lovers #missouriphotographer # #bridges_of_our_world #superbridge #clarkbridge #missouri #showmemophoto #STL #stlouis #reflection_perfection #reflections

Spent some time reflecting today on my day off.... •••• @tyler_master_barber_ back in the studio 💈 Friday @pinsandneedleswhistler