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Today I’m dressed as Judith, an impressionable fifty-something HR assistant, who loves to travel, and also loves to tell you how much she loves to travel. “I like to bring a bit of the culture back with me, you know,” she’ll say, turning up to Sunday lunch in full tropical print and a Tupperware of laulau after new year in Hawaii, or continuing to insist on brewing her coffee with cardamon and sugar “like they do in the Levant, God! The coffee over there! Or should I say Allah! The coffee over there! Ha ha!” She once hosted a dinner in full Salwar Kameez after ten days in Rajasthan (“Very dusty, and I saw a dead monkey. Lovely people though”) and there was a regrettable incident with a twentysomething Gambian lover who she is still *technically* married to, although they can’t *technically* find him. “He’ll turn up,” she says, “like a bad penny with a six-pack.” It’s Budapest on the agenda next (Co-ord: . Sandals: . Bag: . Imagination: model’s own.)

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It’s on YOU , to make them count!

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#riches #SHALOM #peace #today #provision Many of us worry about things that God can provide more than what we ask. Our Father is a good good father and always wanting what is the best for us.