Our hike at Chaco began and ended with this shady trail through two massive slabs of sandstone. After 5.5 miles of hiking through the desert it was the perfect place to catch some shade. The second hike of the trip is in the books.

Selamat pagi Lebaran auto makan daging ayam atau sapi atau kambing gak nih ? Jangan lupa olahraga biar badan tetep bugar dan perut ga buncit karena kebanyakan makan daging di waktu lebaran wkwkwk . . If : @arspmbd 📷 : Saya Lokasi : Glapansari , Parakan , Temanggung , Jawa Tengah

🌲 Speak slowly so You're softer When we collide #sparepartsforbrokenhearts

Como o tempo passa rápido... Parece que foi semana passada que estávamos nos preparando para o melhor dia de nossas vidas. Foi uma correria tão boa que da saudade! Obrigada por dar seu melhor em tudo. Feliz 1 mês de casados @sergio.s_photography ♥️

Moody tones 🇨🇦 A view from my window for two nights 🌿

Satisfied and speechless. Thanks for wrapping today up in a beautiful package for us. I love you Maine!

Most beautiful train ride in the world hands down. Our train into Zermatt.

The day of the sun is like the day of a king. It is a promenade in the morning, a sitting on the throne at noon, a pageant in the evening.

Jasper and the Athabasca River on a clear day in June.