#SummerMornings never felt so good. I wish I can stop the time sometimes. He’s become such an amazing loving little man. I am beyond lucky to be his #mom he only deserves #TheGreat nothing less. And I will strive to give him only #greatness #CyrusTheGreat #cheshmebaddoor 💕❤️😘

Happy Summer Solstice! I haven't been home much this summer, so I don't have any nature pictures to share from this year. So, in honor of this nature holiday, enjoy this spider on some lavender from three years ago. #summermornings #nature #flowers #lavender

It's Thursday and there's more tie dye ☮️ (at camp there's always more tie dye ☺️)

We have the best neighbors! I had to be at a back to back doctors appointments in downtown Atlanta and had to leave at 6:30am. At 9:45am I get these pictures from my neighbor. Her grandkids and our kiddos were already outside playing. They are so wonderful with our kids and love it so much. At one point my neighbor Jane said, “Where is Jason?” As if he wasn’t outside with them. Of course I called him in less than 30 seconds and I said, “are you outside with the kids? He said, No, I’m in the living room watching T.V.” 😳 DO YOU REALIZE THE KIDS ARE OUTSIDE?!? And he cracks up laughing. They got me! 😂😂😂I told them both that they are in trouble for that joke! Oh, and Jason got a haircut today! #100happydays #day25 #neighborsarethebest #outsidefun #summermornings #fooledme

Our sweet boy I hope that your love for adventure, fun and new experiences never disappears!💛 I hope that we are constantly able to fill your life with unforgettable experiences and memories instead of materialistic "things!" You have given us the greatest joy in life, thank you!💛 Please always continue to brighten up everyone's lives with your smile, laugh and most importantly...CUDDLES 💛 We love you more than you can imagine!😍

Summer breakfasts are all about simple things. Good bread, strawberries and tea with my favourite person in the world? That sounds about right. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -. 今日は朝ごパンの写真🍞我が家は毎日平日もお家で朝ごはんを一緒に食べるのが習慣。(朝ごはんはいつもクリスの担当) 今日はおいしいパンと今旬のイギリス産いちご🍓🍓MrとMrsのマグカップはお友達に結婚祝いで貰ったもの☕️

Mornings are my favorite. I sneak outside while everyone else is sleeping and wander through the gardens, the yard, check in on the animals, listen to the birds. If only every day could start out like this, I would be a much nicer person 😉🌞 . . . #morningismyfavorite #morningperson #summermornings #ilovesummertime #upwiththesun #thehomestead #lifeinthewoods #countrylife #smallfarm #rurallife #outdoors #getoutside

#summerblues 💙 Casualstone three toned mug - perfect for bright Summer mornings sipping your coffee on the porch (we'll accept tea in this mug, too) ☕😊👌 . . . #summer #coffee #tea #coffeemugcollection #coffeebar #teabar #kitchen #summermornings #stoneware #ebay #forsale #ebayseller #casualstone

My oldest and youngest 😍 #gabby_gurl #ciana_leia #summermornings