Yes, I held onto the stars. Yes, I let them burn me.
Because despite the pain, the longing, and the loneliness, they were the only things in this goddamn universe that kept me warm.” — and it was worth it // k.s. ( . So I recreated a portrait I made last year. I'm not sure I quite like this one cause of the dress. The dress I used in the other one was so much prettier (it's my purple one lol and unfortunately I had to get rid of it). Anyways, it's a freaking miracle I got this shot honestly because my phone was on a mini speaker attached to the wall. I do not recommend it as if the phone falls on your face that will hurt like hell. 0/10 not recommended unless you're like me willing to do anything for the shot.

Angel & Demonio

Drew this at age 14. My very first shaded drawing. Don't mind the odd. Was trying to teach myself shading and this was the result. Lol. #throwback ✏️@simply.fantasia

Ahora mismo no tengo la certeza de saber quien soy, no tengo la certeza de saber si todo lo que hago está bien o tiene la justificación para hacerlo, paso algunas noches pensando en todo lo que quiero hacer y otras más me arrepiento de algunas cosas que ya he hecho. Pero no quiero ni puedo seguir ciego ante la verdad, tengo que dejarme ir. Un homicidio a mi persona. [ #LaunchDsigns] [ #theuniversalart] [ #creative_globe] [ #creatmood] [ #edits_oftheworld] [ #enter_imagination] [ #surrealismartcommunity] [ #culturacolectiva] [ #adobe_beautyinchaos] [ #thegraphicspr0ject] [ #thedesigntip] [ #photoshop] [ #ps_emotion] [ #lpcontest2] [ #edit_perfection] [ #art_dailydose] [ #surreal42] [ #creativecloud_impactful] [ #digitalartlook] [ #unsplash] [ #creative_glove] [ #igcreative_editz] [ #digital_indo] [ #visual_creatorz] [ #mexishoots[ #huffpostarts] [ #moodygrams ] [ #edit_grams] [ #pr0ject_uno