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"When I saw a spot on my right abdomen in the summer of 2016, when I was 25, I noticed that it was growing. I know what my moles look like, and this one seemed to be getting bigger and bigger." Elli shared her story with Skin Cancer Foundation. After getting the results of a biopsy, Dr. Sarnoff called us in: me, my dad and my mom, to tell us it was a malignant melanoma. And it was thick enough to cause some concern that it might have gone into my lymph nodes. She sent me to a surgical oncologist at NYU Langone Medical Center, who removed the tumor and a lymph node under my right arm. Lucky for me, there was no cancer detected in the lymph node. Dr. Sarnoff said I had saved my own life by coming in, and if I’d waited any longer, it would have been much worse. Now I go for follow-ups every three months. They have me on high alert! I know they’re looking out for me. I realize how important it is to stay on top of it because I wouldn’t want to go through that again! My scar is pretty big. At first it was kind of upsetting to look at. But now it’s a part of me. I don’t mind it. My genetics probably played a role, but studies show that even one time in a tanning bed elevates your risk of melanoma. So now I just want to tell young women who feel like they don’t look good without being tan, just be comfortable in your own skin, literally. Just be your natural self. . . . . . #FridayRead #melanoma #skincancer #dermatologist #ChicagoDerm #skincancerfoundation #skincare #tanning #naturalbeauty #health #skincancerprevention

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