Manali in a day The honeymooner’s paradise, Manali, is a striking example to what we can do to a place if we love it too much. The “city” side of the Manali bores resemblance to any other touristy hill station there is. This being the ruler of them all probably. But the “backpackers” side of it, commercialized now, still has a lot of space and some serenity left in it. If you go even less than a kilometer from the city side of the Manali up, you would come across a lot of what is still conserved. Localites in their old houses covered in wooden/thatched roofs. Local stores that sell locally produced/handmade goods. Also, lots of cool cafes! Having arrived at my crash pad, @zostel Manali way too early (like 5 am!), even the sun was fast asleep. Two of my trek mates were also staying at Zostel and we waited patiently for dawn. After a hearty breakfast and a l’il playtime with the cute puppy, we settled down. It was my first time at a hostel and I thought the experience would be unnerving. But it so wasn’t. I met another South Indian girl who was a long time traveler and the conversations we had were so refreshing! The passion few people have for traveling long-term is a thing I would probably never get. To not have a home, to make a place home, wherever you are in the world, needs a different kind of wiring in the brain. After having visited Hidimba Devi Temple in the morning itself (Yes, same place where Yeh Jawan Hai Diwani was shot), I didn’t opt for the Jogini waterfall trek. I managed to shoot a couple of timelapses on my phone right from the balcony of Zostel (I didn’t take any camera with me, only my phone). A day of loitering around came to a splendid end with a Bollywood music night and a not so great dinner. Having known 2 of my trek mates already, listening to their stories and sharing my own, was a unique experience. Ashish - the veteran trekker, me the seasonal and @harshilsanghavi - the rookie, began to discuss about the logistics of tomorrow. I looked up at the sky and saw lots and lots of stars, they had begun to show after all. I couldn’t wait for more. We all looked forward eagerly for the next day to begin our Hampta journey. (Contd...)

Area : Garhwal Himalayas Duration : 16 Days (5 day travel/11 days trek) Best Season : Mid May - Mid October Grade : Tough Altitude : 5000 mts/16405 ft Total Trekking : 120 K.M ~About Khatling Sahasratal Trek~ If you are fond of trekking, this is the ultimate route for you. You will love the aromatic place in the womb of Garhwal Himalayas with excellent lakes scattered everywhere in the path of this trekking route. You might have never seen so many swimming pools at the same time. This is the beauty that you will find while skiing. Two of the lakes, Masar Tal and Sahasra Tal, among all are excellent in beauty and solace. Khatling is the glacier, from which the river Bhilangana rises. The spot, you will have to reach in the first half of the trek, is the valley of this Bhilangana. All the lakes including the two above and Vasuki Tal are preserved by nature in this valley. In the distant horizontal view from the valley, you will find several peaks, making competition with each other for their height. Sphetic Pristwar, Barte Kauter and Meru are the renowned among all, covered with snow cap on their heads. . . @himalayangeographic @hippie_in_hills @indiatravelgram @himalayan_photographers @natgeotravellerindia @cntravellerindia @thevisualtreat @himalayasarecalling @high.hills.himalayan #traveldiaries #instatravel #travelgram #indiatravelsocitey #indiaclicks #indiantravelsquad #himgeo #desi_diaries #photooftheday #ourplanetdaily #thevisualyatra #himalayangeographic #uttrakhanddiaries #hippieinhills #travelrealindia #teamgetlost #inspired_traveller #mypixeldiary #passportready #travelblogger #wanderlust #instavacation #postcardfromtheworld #getaway #trekking #hiking #incredibleuttrakhand #kumaon #euttranchal

" 봉화산에서 맞은 이틀째 아침☀️ 진한 허기에 허겁지겁 2인분의 아침을 먹은 후 the postal service의 we will become a silhouettes을 들으며 마신 말차라떼 ( #thelowestmountainhikingclub 에서 @still_stellar 님의 나눔🙏) . 그날 아침의 분위기와 맛에 반했던건지 말차라떼 사려고 마켓을 뒤적거리고 있다 . #hiking #하이킹 #backpacking #백패킹 #트레킹 #trekking #봉화산 #백두대간 #백두대간종주 #baekdudaegan #말차라떼