Monday morning quick WOD 3 min AMRAP 3 Power Cleans 6 Push ups 9 Squats ____ #wod #fitness #crossfit #crossfitmom #blogger

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Aquele momento em que você se sente no limbo entre 2 categorias. Já faz tudo que o Scale exige e mais um pouco mas não todo o suficiente pra estar no Intermediário. Daí você decide que só vai competir de novo quando alcançar o que falta. Aí vem um campeonato em pleno gramado do Maracanã e você deleta todos os planos porque esse não dá pra deixar passar. E tem certeza que só poderia ser com elas. Pode parecer que não vai dar certo pois uma treina à noite, a outra de manhã e a outra em BH! Mas a nossa sintonia é tanta que, mesmo sem treino e sem precisar falar muito, toda a infinidade de movimentos sincronizados sai naturalmente. Todas estratégias montadas à distancia dão certo e a gente faz mais uma competição linda! 12° lugar num campeonato gigante com 83 trios na categoria. Obrigada, minhas meninas! Obrigada aos nossos outros atletas pela parceria e incentivo, aos nossos coaches @danilocgentile, @jr_cupello e @dudua7 pelo esforço, pela doação de tempo, pela ajuda e pelo carinho! Obrigada aos que sempre torcem de pertinho ou de longe! _______________________🏋️‍♀️👊🏟❤💪🏼_______________________

We all have those days, weeks, months where we feel the weight of the world is on our shoulders. To feel pressure isn’t a bad thing, it can spur you into action and end procrastination, but it can also freeze you in your tracks, cutting off your creativity and your ability to think clearly. When the pressure and the inability to provide solutions to your current challenges compound it can start to seriously impact your life. The two things you need to know here is 1. It is self induced pressure, so 2. you’re actually in control here. What I tell myself when I am feeling the pressure is “no one is going to die”, now if your not in the military this may not be relevant to or it might. But that puts things into perspective real quick. I will also use positive self talk, I’ll tell myself that I am a hard worker and I have the goods (the skills to get the job done). I don’t rate negative self talk at all, but that’s a talk for another day, it works for David Goggins but for the majority I don’t believe it’s effective. I will also turn the situation into a positive. For example with having a career and launching this business I have been doing some extremely long days, around the 18 hour mark. When it’s getting to the midnight hours and my eye balls are starting to hang out and I want to finish what I am working, on I’ll tell myself “this is the difference between me and the competition, they won’t do these hours, they won’t care about quality like we will, these are the hours that matter” and that always gives me my second or tenth wind. The last tool I use is music, music can create a totally different environment and its effects are almost instant. If I am working in silence and I start to hit the wall which is going to effect me meeting my timing, I’ll step away for 5 and then get back into it with music that I find motivating and can work to, hey presto creativity is back in full force!! The key takeaways here are when you’re feeling the pressure, remember it’s self imposed and you’re in control. Use positivity and self talk to stay motivated and to gain clarity on the situation which can all help to lift the weight off of your shoulders.

@acedmundd bares it all in her blog about food, health, love and loss. We are posting it today, on Father’s Day, in honor of her late dad, Dave Edmonds. May he rest in peace and may all of his family and friends find peace. . Clickable link in profile or bit.ly/OC3log-Alli. . Photos by @mcphotigraphyqc!

💥Exercise of the day 💥 I ANNIHILATED my workout today! I did some stability work on a bosu ball, plyos, cable hamstring curls, more plyos, and step up/lunge combos. So sweaty and fun. Has anyone ever done these before or something similar on the GHD machine?! 🔥🔥 Hamstrings have always been slow to develop for me and this one always kills. I see some people do it without the bar assistance and that just blows my mind 🤯 like whaaaat y’all are crazy but now I know it’s possible so i guess that’s my next goal 🤑😈 #LetsGetIt #SundayFunday

쓰러스터는 언제 해도 무섭다. 80파운드인데도 손목이 조금 찌릿한 것만 같은 느낌 진짜인지 아닌지 모르겠지만 쫄아서 그런것도 있는 듯...ㅋㅋㅋ emom은 쉬는 시간을 정할 수 있어서 좋다. 2라운드 쉬고 에너지 채워서 남은거 함 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ . 20180615 WOD 14min EMOM 1min 11 Thrusters (95/65lb) 2min 15 Box Jump (24/20”) - Scaled 80lb Record 12r

Cindy = (5 Pull ups, 10 push ups, 15 squats) AMRAP in 20 mins. I don’t know if I’ve ever been so sweaty from a workout to date! Gave the WOD Cindy a go this evening in hopes of beating my Gr. 12 high school score, which was 16 and a half rounds failing somewhere on pushups when the 20 minute timer went off. Well I’m glad to say my 27 year old self is in better shape then my 18 year old self 🤟🏻. Tonight I got: 20 Rounds + 3 Pull ups in 20 mins! Totaling - 103 pull ups, 200 push ups, 300 squats #WOD #crossfitishard #Fit4less #takethatyoungerme

TRY OUT THIS HAMMIE EXERCISE . The hamstring is most well known as a knee flexor but it also works with the glute to extend the hip. This is a super important function for walking, running, lifting, etc.🏃🏽‍♀️ . I love training the hamstrings with things like deadlift variations but those do come with a low back toll and there may come a point where getting a little more isolation can have big benefits in helping you accumulate volume on a muscle without taxing other areas. . 👉🏼 Enter the hamstring slider curl. Since I stopped training in commercial gyms, I've had to get a little more creative with isolation work, especially lower body, and this has quickly become one of my favorites. It hits both the hip extension and knee flexion component and is incredibly challenging. Start with low reps and build up because there is a large eccentric component to this and it will leave you sore for days if you jump in at high reps. So ease in and enjoy the burn.🔥🔥 . Tag your favorite gym bro and share the wealth! . #Prehab101