Mood. Relaxed, refreshed and ready to level up! 🧖‍♀️ Self-care is a divine responsibility.

Bring in your clear plastic containers and turn them into something sweet. Follow the link in our bio to learn more about our #RefundableContainers.

• c a k e • As I head back to B.C. today to celebrate the life of a very special person, I can’t help but feel lucky. In the year and a half we were in B.C. we met some of the best people we’ve ever known. I just felt like everyone I met really made an effort to include me and the love I feel for these people is immense. I truly think some people were put on this earth to remind people to do good. To help them see how special life can be and not to take it all for granted. Build lasting relationships and never stop nourishing them. That’s exactly what Courage did. I didn’t know him long, or even that well, but what I know is he was extraordinary and his life meaningful ♥︎♥︎♥︎

Always remember to look for the silver lining, it may not always be obvious, but it is there! #onetoothactivewear #YQL #inspire #believe #silverlining #good 👌🍁😀

Street machine 2018

Keep an eye out for Strawberry picking for an event in August! http://ow.ly/bK9j30kYzvh #yql #Lethbridge #socialclub #newfriends #strawberries #summer #southernAlberta #LethbridgeTourism

•20% off colours in August• Vacations mode is setting in and I’m offer 20% off colours in August. (Excluding colour corrections) DM or call the salon to book your back to school colour. #lethbridgesalon #lethbridgehairstylist #yql #downtownlethbridge #backtoschool #lethbridge #lotussalonlethbridge

Took it outside today for some stair climbs with my workout buddy! Tried to get out before it got too hot, but man it’s hot out there today! Climbed the stairs twice and my legs are jello! . #coulees #yql #stairs #workout #outdoors #dayoff

Last week I talked about why I do what I do with Beachbody and why I am hustling so hard for my family. . Success to me isn’t measured financially, it’s not measured by what my bank account looks like. It’s measured by the fact we have a roof over our heads, food in our bellies and good friends to share our laughs and stories with. It’s measured in the trips we take and the giggles we get from Carson and ourselves along the way. . Success to me is to be happy, healthy and together. . I want to be successful my whole life and by doing my side gig here, I am working towards making more memories and trips happen. By putting money aside for hockey for Carson when he gets older so he can be a part of a team sport and have his own success stories(like his dad did with hockey and I did with my own sports I played(and 4-H, best time of my life)). . I can’t wait to see our future and by working as hard as I do now, I will be able to be around a lot more often to watch our stories and life unfold!! . How do you measure success? #lifeunscheduled #homeworkout #workoutfromhome #outtamyway #weights #lifewithatoddler #lifestylechanges #lifewithboys #boymom #boymomlife #sidegig #hustle #workingmom #workinggirl #workingwoman #workingonmyself #successfulwomen #successstory #successdriven #lovemyfam #lovemylife❤️ #livelaughlove #travelista #yyc #yql #wpg #fitmum

Birthday sale! This 3 month onesie has the most beautiful gold stretch vinyl. All my vinyl is pressed with a commercial heat press and you can wash and dry like normal. Who has time for a special wash routine with kids?! This onesie is on sale for $11 for today, $4 off the regular price. You can ship it anywhere in Canada for $4. Just one available!

It's our little fournado's birthday today! He loves his new shirt! In honour of his Birthday we are offering $4 off every item posted today. Price is good for today only! These won't be available on Etsy, payment accepted through email money transfer and PayPal only. Cannot hold items without payment. 🌪️💛🌪️💛

I’ve hired a new marketing company and she is in charge of our branding! My daughter wants to inform you that Tuesday’s are awesome! Buy One Get One Half Price! All sizes all pizzas. Delivery and TakeOut only. Open - Close! It even works when you order online at www.twoguyspizza.ca ! #twoguyspizza #yql

Fox and Walls 🤷🏼‍♀️ #foxhedgie #foxtravels

Making dinosaur toothpaste for #dinosaur day at Storybook #STEM camp! #DECamps #uleth #yql

WOW tip - Selling Maple Walnut ice cream. In my "Sales Suck now what" book I write about how I "sold" my Mother on buying me Maple Walnut ice cream. I talked about the benefits she would receive - ie no temper tantrum from me. I talked about the experience we would have - ie sitting on a park bench enjoying each other's company. You see the key to Sales is not "selling" it is explaining the benefits and painting a picture of the experience. No one buys products or services - they buy experiences. Try outlining the benefits and experiences on your next Sales call. Let me know how it works! #wow_gal #yycbusiness #yeg #yql