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It is still about Bitcoin, not about "blockchain" Earlier this week I stumbled upon a blog post, where Finnish self-credited "blockchain expert" made a claim that during the last year, term blockchain localbitcoin com passed bitcoin localbitcoin com google trends "clearly".

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I did not pay attention to this detail, until my co-worker pointed out the mistake. I mean blockchain passes bitcoin in google trends, who cares? Anyway, there was still this nagging voice in my head, that I have localbitcoin com the something similar somewhere else as well. Localbitcoin com 9th of September Some of the wording was edited, since as I discussed with the presenter, such claim, that blockchain has passed bitcoin is search amounts was never made.

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As pointed out by the presenter, the graph is trying to explain current hype moment of certain search terms, but he certainly understood that you can get the wrong impression from the localbitcoin com out of context. You see, bitcoin is going nowhere!

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Perhaps you can make a sincere mistake with your slides you have created couple of hours before localbitcoin com pitch, but guess what?

Same localbitcoin com of graph can be found from CreditSuisse report as well. It localbitcoin com true that miracle word "blockhain" has been popping up more and more lately, localbitcoin com the graph shows that blockchain hype is growing, but this kind of graphs make you wonder if it is really based on any real life solutions, or is it just these "blockchain experts" who are making up the buzz.

localbitcoin com

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